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Welcome Back to E-Learning

Welcome Back Video

Hello Hawthorn Elementary South,

We hope you had a HEALTHY spring break with your family and are ready to get back into E-Learning with some Hawthorn Elementary South fun!  In an effort to stay connected to our Hawthorn family, we have created a virtual Spirit Week.  This is completely optional, but we hope many of you will join in the fun!  Each day, you will be given a task to take picture of and send to your teacher.  Throughout the week, we will compile as many pics as possible into a video to share with you all on Friday.  Participate in some or all, it is up to you.  

Spirit Week: 

Monday: Pajama Day: Take a picture of you reading a book in your PJ’s

Tuesday: Crazy Sock Day: Take a picture of you doing some stretching and touching your toes with your crazy socks

Wednesday: Cape-abilities Shirt or Hawthorn Spirit Gear: Be a superhero today and do an act of KINDNESS in your Cape shirt/Hawthorn Gear

Thursday: Hat Day: Put on your thinking cap and submit a riddle to your teacher.  Wearing your hat, post a picture of you and your riddle.  We will send out some of the riddles for all to solve.

Friday: Watch for a fun video!

Enjoy E-LEARNING!  We miss you all and can’t wait to see you!

Dr. Martin