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Weekly Update

Dear Hawthorn Elementary South,

We hope you had a wonderful week of “Remote Learning” and found some time to celebrate the EARTH with our Earth Week Activities.  Please enjoy this week’s video:

In accordance with recommendations from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) regarding GRADING, we are not posting midterm reports on April 30th. Instead, our staff will continue to provide students with narrative feedback and quality descriptors (as appropriate) on individual activities and assignments. Narrative feedback may include guidance or next steps in learning, and quality descriptors reflect the proficiency scale typically  used on our report cards (4-exceeds learning standards, 3-meets learning standards, 2-approaches learning standards, 1-experiences difficulty). 

We recognize that circumstances may be changing for many of our families, and invite you to register for daily meal service (breakfast and lunch). Meals are free, and available to any child 18 years or younger residing in our community. To help ensure we have the appropriate amount of food available for distribution, families in need of meal service are asked to complete this form.

Next week, it’s “MUSIC ROCKS” week!  Look for a special musical activity from your music teacher.  AND… because music rocks, we thought it would be fun to get outside, find a rock, and paint/color it with a positive message.  Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself with your rock for Friday’s video before you leave the rock for someone to see as they pass by.  You can leave it on a walking trail, in front of your house, or whatever you like.  Let’s continue to spread KINDNESS and continue to show how much HAWTHORN CARES for our community.

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend.

Be well, Hawthorn Eagles!

Dr. Martin and Mrs. Hunter