Waste Free Lunch Challenge

In honor of EARTH WEEK, and in conjunction with our Bernstein Unit on creating a

Habitat of Happiness and being KIND –

We will be KIND to the EARTH and have a WASTE FREE LUNCH CHALLENGE during the week of 4/18 – 4/22/16

Did you know that on average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year?

That equates to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school.

We challenge you!  Each day that your child has a WASTE FREE LUNCH your child can sign our

WASTE FREE LUNCH POSTER made from recycled materials.

Let’s see how many students can sign the poster and join us in being KIND to the EARTH!

What does a waste free lunch look like?

A Typical American Lunch


  • sandwiches sealed in plastic bags
  • fruits and vegetables in plastic bags
  • prepackaged chips, cookies, fruit bars, granola bars, cheeses, and fruit leathers
  • prepackaged yogurts, applesauces, and puddings
  • crackers, pretzels, chips, and other snack foods sealed in plastic bags
  • disposable juice boxes, juice pouches, soda cans, water bottles, and milk cartons
  • plastic forks and spoons
  • paper napkins
  • reusable lunchboxes and disposable paper and plastic bags

A Waste-Free Lunch


  • sandwiches and other main dishes, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and treats in a reusable lunch container
  • cloth napkins
  • stainless-steel forks and spoons
  • reusable drink containers
  • reusable lunchboxes

*With this type of lunch, lunch food items can be bought in larger quantities. The packaging can be left at home for reuse or recycling. Waste-free lunches are not only a wise environmental choice, but they are less expensive as well.