Halloween Procedures at Elementary South

A chill is in the air, the pumpkins are in the patch, Halloween is approaching and we are getting excited about our upcoming festivities.  We will celebrate on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.  Please remember, when purchasing this year’s costume, our school promotes kindness.  Children as young as five years old attend our school and we do not want anyone to be frightened!  Weapons will not be allowed on school grounds and we discourage any blood and gore.  All students are to bring their costumes to school in a bag labeled with your child’s name. Because students are changing at school and bathroom space is limited, please have your child wear any parts of his/her costume that are clothes (IE tights, black pants, etc).

The Halloween parade will start at approximately 1:15.  Students will exit their wing doors in an orderly fashion and walk around the building counter clockwise until they return back to their wing door.  Parents, please spread out on the perimeter of the building to get these Kodak Moments!!  In case of rain, the parade will take place in the building (Parents can take pics in the gym).

Parties run from the end of the parade until 2:30.  Only pre-approved room parents will be allowed down to classrooms.  The Vernon Hills Police Department has allowed parents to park on the East side of Aspen during the Halloween festivities.  Please note that your car must be moved in time for dismissal.  Please do NOT block the bus lanes in the back of the school or the pick up line in the front of school.  Please do NOT SEND ANY FOOD or CANDY!

Please remember, that the remainder of the day is a regular school day.  We will maintain an academic atmosphere where LEARNING will be the focus.  If you do not want your child to participate in Halloween festivities, please contact your child’s teacher for alternate activities.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Halloween!



End of School Parties are a Big Hit

First and second graders at Elementary South enjoyed outdoor end of year parties.  They took turns at everything from hula hoop twirling to potato sack racing.

Kindergarteners Bring Seniors Joy

Hawthorn Elementary South School students brightened the day of senior citizen residents in assisted living at Brookdale in Vernon Hills by handing out homemade Valentine’s Day cards. The kindergarteners have been learning about the gift of kindness. They have been doing random acts of kindness for
others such as washing dishes, holding open a door, writing letters to sick children, and donating pet supplies to a shelter. The kindness acts are part of a larger school theme of building a school around happiness.