Things to Do Over the Summer

Hello Elementary South,

It was an amazing year filled with learning both academic and social emotional growth.  Take a peek at our END OF YEAR VIDEO to see some of the fun we had this year.

Don’t forget the importance of READING over the summer.  The Aspen Library’s Summer Reading Program is a great way to enjoy some great books and practice our reading skills.   Help us win the trophy of best participation in the summer reading program.  Here is the link to join the summer reading program.

We are also having a SUMMER MATH CHALLENGE!  Join the DREAMBOX challenge and complete 5 lessons per week to keep your skills sharp and earn 20 SOAR DOLLARS!

Have a great summer!  If you need anything over the summer, I am in the office all summer and can be reached at or (847) 990-4800.

See you in August!

Jill Martin