Students at Heller Nature Center

The Outdoors is the Classroom at Heller Nature Center

During a field trip to the Heller Nature Center in Highland Park last week, first grade students at Elementary South learned what animals need to survive in their habitats. Through hands-on, interactive lessons taught by nature guides, they learned that animals need space, food, water and shelter to thrive in the woods. Walking down a scenic trail, students had opportunities to look for examples of animal shelters, food and water. They even found animals hidden under logs. The children had great fun as the outdoors became their classroom. For many years, first-grade teacher Ms. Bleck has secured a grant that makes this annual field trip possible. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Independence Tube Corporation, the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation, the D. F. and M. T. Grohne Family Foundation and the Illinois Conservation Foundation are sponsors of the grant program.