The Numbers Game

At Hawthorn Elementary South School first graders are falling in love with the numbers game.

“Teachers understand that it is crucial for students to have a solid math foundation in order to have a deep understanding of the world around them,” said Principal Jill Martin.

Rather than memorize math facts children in the Hawthorn School District 73 first grade classrooms work toward critical mathematical thinking. For instance, teachers may engage the students in a barbecue problem like if your four grandparents, your parents and your brother and you have dinner together how many ears of corn do you need to buy at the grocery store?

“Students develop greater knowledge of numbers and equations within 10. They will develop new strategies for adding and subtracting numbers within 10, based on their knowledge of smaller numbers,” Dr. Martin said.

The earlier children are when they make math connections the easier it will be for them to make connections to real experiences as they get older,” she said.