Teachers Take Coding to Next Level

Just about everything students use today is built on code – MacBook Airs, iPhones, PS4 gaming stations and more.

As part of computer science week, schools across the country are encouraged to engage students in a session of coding. Code.org provides students beginning in grade kindergarten with age level appropriate tutorials.

Students take Anna and Elsa of Frozen through a series of maneuvers designed to get them to accomplish certain tasks. Other students used blocks of code to take Steven or Alex on an adventure through a Minecraft world.

Hawthorn School District 73 students are among one in three students nationally who have tried an hour of code. Many of the classrooms in Hawthorn are making coding more than just an annual experience. They are introducing it to students on a regular basis. Some students have become so advanced that they are using html code to program games and such.

“Coding teaches students to think critically and analytically to solve problems and ultimately take control of technology to accomplish any task. In the future, there will be an abundance of careers that involve coding, but a shortage of those trained to understand that process, so learning the basics of programming now will open the door to countless opportunities for our students,” said John Reid, district innovation coach.