Second Graders Make Connections

As part of our Bernstein Unit, the second grade team worked together to make connections. They worked as teams and as a grade level to learn the importance of communication through non verbal cues. They were able to understand that creating connections is more than just through talking.

Fifth Graders Work on Making Connections in PE

5th graders in Mrs. Krajewski & Mrs. McFarlin’s PE classes were working on problem solving, team building and making connections! Here students from Ms. Trela and Mrs. Silver’s classes used their skills to CONNECT for this picture.

Making Connections – Our Bridge

Thank you so much to Vanessa Schenk, Debbie Dubin, and Lauren Viets for creating our very own bridge to display at Elementary South as a visual reminder that our Bernstein Unit this year is “Making Connections”.

Vanessa explained to Dr. Martin, “None of us have engineering minds but with a bit of experimenting and approximately 300 blocks we came up with the most structurally sound bridge Legos could make! We are so excited to be part of a project that has so much meaning to the school.”

Please be sure to check out “our bridge” the next time you visit Elementary South.

Our Bridge

Our Bridge

Making Connections – Building Bridges

This year our Bernstein Unit is about  Making Connections.  Our Masterwork is the Golden Gate Bridge.  At Elementary South’s BACK TO SCHOOL BASH on August 25th, we built a bridge to show the students how we are all connected and each student signed their name to the bridge.  A bridge is a structure carrying a pathway over an obstacle.  We are excited to spend this year teaching children to work together to overcome their obstacles.  It should be a great year!