Students in Grades 3-5 Participate in Fitnessgram

Dear Parents and Guardians of 3rd-5th Graders,

In partnership with the NFL’s movement for an active generation (NFL Play 60), we are excited for our Physical Education Department to be participating in the FitnessGram program. FitnessGram is a comprehensive educational, reporting and promotional tool used to assess physical fitness and physical activity levels for children. The assessment includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests that are used to determine students’ overall physical fitness and suggest areas for improvement when appropriate.

FitnessGram assesses the three areas of health-related fitness through a variety of test items. Each score is evaluated against the Healthy Fitness Zone® standards. Using the Healthy Fitness Zone standards helps to minimize comparisons between children and emphasize personal fitness for health rather than goals based solely on performance. Since only modest amounts of exercise are needed for obtaining health benefits, most students who participate in physical activity almost every day will be able to achieve a score that will place them in the Healthy Fitness Zone. At the end of the year your child will receive their FitnessGram evaluation.

With the data entered into the FitnessGram software, teachers and administrators now have a powerful tool to inform students and parents. In order to collect the necessary data, your Physical Education teachers will be measuring your child’s height and weight. This information is necessary to evaluate your child’s VO2 max (mile) and BMI (body mass index) for their fitness level. We will do our best to ensure this information is obtained respectfully and with your child’s privacy in mind. You can find out more about FitnessGram at If you have any questions you can contact your Physical Education Teacher.

Thank You,
Dr. Martin and our PE CREW – Mr. Amos, Mrs.Krajewski, Mrs.McFarlin, Mr. Church