The Kindness Challenge Assembly for 5th Grade

On Monday, November 16th, fifth grade students will be attending Victor Pacini’s presentation, “The Kindness Challenge”.  The assembly will take place at 12:10pm in the gym.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Please be sure to allow enough time to check into the office beforehand.  The assembly will last approximately 50 minutes.

Victor Pacini’s purpose is to design unique experiences that inspire and teach children to create, value, and share their confident voice with the world. He has taken his passion for singing to a new and exciting level by designing life changing inspirational programs for young people. By incorporating the skills that he mastered while earning a degree in graphic design, he has created several multi-dimensional programs that present thought provoking concepts and lessons through original songs, captivating graphics and images.

To learn more about Victor, visit or

Fifth Graders Build Water Slides

Fifth graders took the role of structural engineers and built water slides that could successfully transport a marble, while including as many twists and turns as possible.  Students referred to their knowledge on angles and forces to complete their projects.

Fifth Grade Visits The Grove

The 5th grade students at Elementary South visited The Grove National Historic Landmark. They experienced first-hand what daily pioneer life was like in the mid 1800s by churning butter, weaving fabric, dipping candles, spinning rope and metal working. Students also visited a schoolhouse replica and experienced what it was like to be a student in the 1850s.