September Soaring Eagle Winners!

Congratulations to the September Soaring Eagle Winners!  These students won for showing SAFE, ON-TASK, ACT RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL behavior. Great Job!

Name Reason Homeroom
Damien S. Acting Responsibly Ms. Brand
Olivia H. On Task Behavior Ms. Brand
Leah K. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Schorsch
Gabi O.T. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Schorsch
Dahlia D. Respect Mrs. Wilton
Siddharth T. On Task Behavior Mrs. Wilton
Charlie H. On Task Behavior Miss Reilly
Maya W. Acting Responsibly Miss Reilly
Abby P. On Task Behavior Miss Brzezinski
Jaden M. Respect Miss Brzezinski
Neel T. Respect Miss Alland
Elsie S. On Task Behavior Miss Alland
Joshua M. On Task Behavior Mrs. Wagner
Ahana S. On Task Behavior Mrs. Wagner
Claire A. Respect Mrs. Dimond
Brady G. Respect Mrs. Dimond
Vedika V. On Task Behavior Mrs. Faith
Cristan B. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Faith
Harshitha S.D. On Task Behavior Ms. Apgar
Atharv S. Acting Responsibly Ms. Apgar
Allison S. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Worden
Emma N. Acting Responsibly Ms. Preuss
Grace V. Respect Ms. Preuss
John R. Respect Mrs. Worden
Avi K. Respect Ms. Dingman
Erin N. On Task Behavior Ms. Dingman
Eliana R. On Task Behavior Ms. Trela
Arianna B. Acting Responsibly Ms. Trela
Matthew K. On Task Behavior Mrs. Lawless
Samantha B. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Lawless
Anika K. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Dahm
Nitya A. On Task Behavior Mrs. Dahm
Khushi D. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Brettner
Kijeon K. Respect Mrs. Brettner
Abigail H. Respect Mrs. Rude
Chloe Q. Respect Mrs. Rude
Konstantinos M. Respect Mrs. Sordini
Violet W. On Task Behavior Mrs Oliva
Dhruv M. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Oliva
Anay B. On Task Behavior Mrs. Henders
Anastasia A. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Henders
Caden B. On Task Behavior Mrs. Studer
Lucy L. Respect Mrs. Studer
Kartikeya K. Acting Responsibly Ms. Bleck
Ketaraju K. Acting Responsibly Ms. Bleck
Manasvi P. Respect Ms. Kroot
Adam S. Acting Responsibly Ms. Kroot
Smyan A. Respect Ms. Schryver
Ella H. Acting Responsibly Ms. Schryver
Harman A. Respect Hansen
Shrinath B. Respect Mrs. Hansen
Annie L. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Preston
Nitika M. Respect Mrs. Arenson
Elijah T. On Task Behavior Mrs. Arenson
Sakshith B. Respect Ms. Avila
Prisha S. On Task Behavior Ms. Avila
Emma S. On Task Behavior Mrs. Silver
Lola S. On Task Behavior Mrs. Sliver
Harshini V. Acting Responsibly Ms. Donoghue
Hasini S. Acting Responsibly Ms. Donoghue

Excellence in Character Award

Congratulations to Gina Zubert who has received the Excellence in Character award for the 2012-2013 school year.  Gina received this award in recognition of the excellent character traits she has demonstrated. This award signifies that she is a positive role model to others and that she contributes in meaningful ways to our school community. She has been commended for going above and beyond to make a difference every day.

Way to go, Gina!