Important Information Regarding Classroom Parties & Food

Thank you for volunteering your time and efforts on behalf of our Elementary South students. The three PTO-sponsored parties each year generate a lot of fun and excitement for the children because of you!

Due to life-threatening peanut/tree nut allergies in our school, we have the following classroom party policy for all the PTO-sponsored parties. This policy follows Elementary South’s guidelines for managing nut allergies, and is in place across District 73. Please read the guidelines carefully.

-In every classroom, all foods for the three parties must be PEANUT FREE and TREE NUT FREE, and must be store bought with an ingredient label that can be checked. Food products with labels that state,”may contain nuts”, or “processed in a facility that handle nuts” , or any similar warning label are not permitted.

 -NO ITEMS BAKED AT A BAKERY ARE PERMITTED. This includes Dunkin Donuts, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, or cookies from the bakeries at Jewel, Dominick’s, Sam’s Club, etc.  


-NO RESTAURANT/TAKE OUT FOOD IS PERMITTED, such as pizza, happy meals, etc. 

-Fruits and vegetables will be allowed in classrooms where there are no nut allergies. Our school provides cutting boards and cutlery to prepare fruits and vegetables in our cafe prior to the parties.

Any food that is unlabeled,or unsafe, will not be served at the parties. The ONLY food to be served at classroom parties is arranged by the room parents. Children may not bring goody bags or treats for their classmates from home, however non-edible items are permitted. ( stickers, pencil, eraser, etc.)

Despite these restrictions, there are many festive, healthy, and yummy snacks that are safe to serve! Please consult with your classroom teacher to determine an appropriate snack for your child’s classroom, as there may be additional allergies to accommodate. Thank you in advance for keeping all our children safe. Please contact us with any questions.


Dr. Jill Martin                                                                 Francie Mundrane BSN,RN
Principal                                                                        School Nurse
847-990-4800                                                              847-990-4815