Subscribe to Remind, our Text Message Service

Did you know that Elementary South has a text messaging service that allows us to send notifications to our families via text message?  The service is called Remind and it gives us the ability to notify families about upcoming events, deadlines, field trips, early release days and much more.  We currently have more than 300 families who are signed up to receive text messages via Remind.

It’s easy to sign up… just click here for directions.  It only takes a few moments.

Please note that this is voluntary and you may unsubscribe at any time.  Texting fees based on your cell phone plan may apply, but you can also chose the email option, as well.

As always, check out our website for information, calendar events and the Principal’s monthly newsletter.  The remind text service is in addition to what is online and sent home for parents.

Contact me anytime with questions and feedback at