Spelling Bee participants

Students Take on the Spelling Bee Challenge

Elementary South’s Spelling Bee took place Jan. 10. Students showed nerves of steel as they carefully spelled out difficult words. Congratulations to the winner: fifth-grade student Allison S. in Mrs. Worden’s class, and to the runner up: fourth-grade student Jared F. in Mrs. Schorsch’s class. The winning word was visionary.

Classroom Spelling Bee WinnersClassroom
Zachary N.Dahm
Vedant R.Schorsch
Hansuja Y.Sordini
Esha R.Oliva
Leo S. Trela
Kyle K.Preuss
Alex A.Studer
Jared F.Schorsch
Nora B.Oliva
Anika K.Dahm
Vidhi P.Trela
Priyanka S.Brand
Cathelin X.Sordini
Allison S.Worden
Noah C. Minarik
Takshay G.Minarik
Sree D.Preuss
Eugene K.Brand
Lilly P.Worden
Caden B.Studer