Remind App Keeps Hawthorn Families Informed of Timely Information

Yesterday (9/18/17) bus ES 11 was involved in a minor traffic accident.  Prior to crossing the railroad tracks, the bus was stopped and had already checked the crossing.  The bus started to proceed and at that moment, the cross-arm started to lower, hitting the side mirror of the bus.  The bus was able to back up, leaving the tracks free and clear for the train to come through.  While no children were injured in any way, if anything like this will occur, the bus will pull over and call the police.  This will cause a delay in delivery of the children.

The reason you are all getting this letter is to inform you that IF something like this ever happens, the way you will be notified is through our TEXT APP, called Remind 101.  This is the fastest way for the school to blast information to you in a timely manner.  I was able to send three messages yesterday, one when we were notified, one during the event letting parents know that everyone was safe, and one once the new bus was back en route.  Please note that the remind app is ONE WAY COMMUNICATION, while you have the ability to respond, our office staff does not necessarily see your communication back to us.

Click here to sign up for the Remind App.  The children’s safety is our number one priority and we want to be able to keep you informed at all times.  Thank you for your continued support.