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Pick Up Hours

Friday is the first day of student supply pick up.  If your LAST NAME starts with A, B, C, or DFriday 05/22/2020 IS YOUR PICK UP DAY!

PICK UP HOURS: 7:30AM – 11:00AM


PICK UP/DROP OFF of students’ supplies has been scheduled  based on your LAST NAME.  We will be following social distancing guidelines throughout this process. 

  • Pick up and returns will happen via DRIVE UP.  Please pull-up in front of the school as if you were dropping off or picking up your student.  Staff will be coming to your car – please have ready a piece of paper displayed on your front dashboard with your STUDENT’S NAME & GRADE LEVEL.
  • POP YOUR TRUNK! – Anything you are returning to the school should be placed in a bag (garbage, ziplock, grocery, etc).  Please place your child’s name and grade on the bag.  We will take it out of your trunk and put your student supplies in your trunk!
  • YEARBOOKS: If you pre-ordered a yearbook, these will be distributed with your student’s supplies.  If you did not get to purchase a yearbook, we do have extra books but will not be handling this during supply pick up – more information coming soon!
  • MEDICATION: If you have medication at the school, the items will be distributed with school supplies via a sign-out system.   You will remain in the car while a staff member will come to you with the medication.  


  • You are strongly encouraged to arrive at the site ALONE (no children), wearing MASKS and  GLOVES (unless you don’t have to open your windows)
  • Be prepared prior to drive-up with a piece of paper with your child/ren’s NAME, TEACHER & GRADE LEVEL – place on DASHBOARD
  • Any items not picked up will be donated or disposed of
  • Bring your students’ LIBRARY BOOKS & any TEXTBOOKS for drop-off in your trunk! Please have these items in a bag with your child’s name, grade and classroom teacher