Where lessons relate to the classroom curriculum

…where there is reading material for all reading levels and all interests
…where technology is integrated into daily work
…where real-life and lifelong learning occur
  • …where teachers are provided with the materials they need to ensure that all   students learn
…where excitement about reading grows


Overdue / Lost / damaged books

When a child has an overdue book, that child will be reminded to return the book the following school day. The third week it is overdue, a reminder note will be sent home with the child.  We ask that lost or damaged books be paid for rather than replaced by a book purchased by the parent. We purchase books with library bindings and sturdy, water-resistant covers that can stand up to years of use.

Children with overdue books do not check out books, but if the matter is not resolved in a reasonable time, we will call home to discuss the circumstances. Students are always allowed to check out books needed for classroom projects.

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