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Last Day of School 2019-2020

June 3, 2020: It’s hard to believe we are finishing out the school year in this manner.  This certainly has been an unprecedented experience, but I am proud of the way the Hawthorn community has come together to support one another.  In the past 12 weeks, Hawthorn has made sure to feed our families both breakfast and lunch for those in need, has provided devices and hotspots to ensure learning for ALL can continue, has created innovative remote learning activities to keep learning at the forefront of each child’s day, has ZOOMED to ensure connection with our staff members and friends, has created many different spirit weeks to add an element of fun to a difficult situation and has made many different videos for our students and families to show our Hawthorn LOVE!

Usually, on this day, we would have an end of school assembly where we can celebrate the accomplishments of our 5th graders as they move on to middle school.  Congratulations to our 5th Graders on an extremely successful elementary experience and we wish them all the best as they move on.  Please enjoy this 5th Grade Farewell Video:

Speaking of moving on… It has been my absolute honor to be the principal of Hawthorn Elementary South for the past 15 years.  Together, we have created an absolutely amazing environment for children, an environment that was recognized nationally as we won the Blue Ribbon award this year.  I am extremely proud of our accomplishments and know that you all are in the very best of hands with Mrs. Christy Hunter, the new principal of Hawthorn Elementary South.  I will miss you all and hope to work with many of you at the Hawthorn School for Young Learners.  Please come down the block for a visit!

Hope to be able to wave goodbye to many of you today at our parade at 2:00 p.m.

Wishing you all a HEALTHY and SAFE summer.  

Dr. Jill Martin