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Hawthorn Cares

Hello Hawthorn Elementary South,

We hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready for another great week of “REMOTE LEARNING”.  On Monday, our teachers will be participating in virtual professional development.  We are working hard to keep our staff current and provide quality education during this time of unrest.

This week’s challenge is called “HAWTHORN CARES”.  Let’s come together to show our community how much Hawthorn cares.  Students will be asked to decorate a window in your home to focus on the theme “HAWTHORN CARES”.   You can use any art medium you have in your home (draw a picture, create a sculpture, paint, use chalk, download pictures from the internet, etc) but your artwork should include the words “HAWTHORN CARES”.  The goal is to hang our artwork where community members can see it as they walk their dogs, drive-by, deliver the mail, etc.  As your child creates their artwork, don’t forget to take a picture of them holding it. Please submit artwork to your child’s teacher by Thursday so we can include it in this Friday’s video.  Speaking of this Friday’s video… we will be highlighting Elementary South ART SHOW PARTICIPANTS so you can virtually enjoy the artwork from the Hawthorn 73 District Art Show hosted by the Aspen Drive Library.

Most importantly, we hope you are all staying healthy and well.  Here are some tips for parents “Hawthorn 73 Social and Emotional Corner.

Have a great week and stay well!

Dr. Martin and Mrs. Hunter