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Get Ready for Virtual Field Day

 We hope you were able to enjoy this beautiful long weekend!

Tuesday is “Supply Pick Up and Drop off” for Last Names E-J from 7:30am-11:00am.  

This week, on Friday, we are so excited for our VIRTUAL FIELD DAY – HAWTHORN PLAYS!  On Wednesday, 5.27.20 the detailed agenda of the day will be shared with all of you. You’ll be able to choose one, a few, or all activities to participate in throughout the day. We hope you will find some that you will enjoy!

Here is the equipment list to get ready for Friday.  Remember, please do not buy anything for this event, just use what you find around the house.

Equipment list:

Continue the fun by decorating your door!  

Door decorating flyer:

Remote Learning Planning Day – 5.28.20

As you may remember, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has provided school districts with a limited number of “Remote Learning Planning Days.” These days allow staff members to spend time engaging in structured training and planning sessions focused on remote learning. Our next Remote Learning Planning Day is scheduled for Thursday, May 28th. While live conferencing and other forms of “real-time” communication will not be available on these dates, teachers will post learning plans to support the continuation of routines and structures that help ensure students are learning and connected to school. 

Social Emotional Corner: BE WELL!

Report Cards

As a friendly reminder, last year we expanded our use of the PowerSchool Parent Portal to digitally post report cards for both our middle and elementary school families. Benefits to posting report cards via this secure portal included more timely reporting to parents, as well as easy parent access to both current and past report cards. Online report cards are also environmentally friendly! On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 3rd we will post student report cards for our third trimester (including rotations four and five at the middle school).

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has continued to release grading and report card guidance to school districts. This guidance is based upon the principle of no educational harm to any child, and includes  recommendations for PreK-8th grade  districts  to use pass or incomplete (rather than numerical scores or percentage grades). We are using the codes P (pass) and INC ( incomplete) on our report cards to reflect that guidance. In addition, ISBE has shared that grading should prioritize connectedness and care for students.  Our students will receive narrative comments, rather than letter or numerical scores, for work/study behaviors such as submitting assignments on time. Note that ISBE’s guidance does not provide for the issuing of letter grades; our middle school families will see the code N/G  (no grade), followed by a P (pass) or INC (incomplete) for specific skills or concepts assessed in each class. Any student earning an incomplete will participate in an individualized learning plan to successfully pass the course, in partnership with parents/guardians. 

Be WELL, HES Eagles!

🙂 Dr. Martin and Mrs. Hunter