Fifth Grade Science Fair

Students in 5th grade completed their tri-folds for the eighth annual Science Fair on May 14th.  It was a long term project requiring students to write a complete lab report and use their creative skills to display their data.  They turned out wonderful!  We are very proud of our 5th graders!

Here are the winners:
Mrs. Bentley’s class:
3rd-Ethan E.
2nd-Katie G.
1st-Nick H.

Mrs. Gordon’s class:
3rd-Kavin M.
2nd-Zoe M.
1st-Maddie G.

Mrs. Hill/Ms. Brzesinski’s class:
3rd-Krish A.
2nd-McKenzie W.
1st-Jack S.

Mrs. Preuss’s class:
3rd-Jessica S.
2nd- Hannah D.
1st-Tiffany K.

Mrs. Silver’s class:
3rd-Diego P.
2nd-Jennifer W.
1st-Brendan W.

Ms. Trela’s class:
3rd-Justin S.
2nd-Crista M.
1st-Kylie G.