Fifth Grade Science Fair

On Tuesday, April 18th, 5th grade students participated in Elementary South’s Science Fair.  As part of their science fair project students completed a thorough lab report and a trifold explaining what scientific question they answered through their testing.  Students did a great job. Their hard work and creative thinking over a one-month period was evident to all who attended the fair!  Each classroom awarded medals to the top three exhibits.

Sordini Winners:

1st: Kandarp V.
2nd: Bisti P.
3rd: Nicholas D.

Bentley Winners:

1st: Arnav N.
2nd: Kirtana G.
3rd: Tyler E.

Hill Winners: 

1st : Rudy M.
2nd : Gwen M.
3rd : Israel A.

Trela Winners:

1st : Maggie L.
2nd : Hallie S.
3rd : Lauren H.

Preuss Winners:

1st : Eli A.
2nd : Jack V.
3rd : Valeriia B.