ES Students to Participate in Hot Ground Gym Challenge Course

All PE classes at Hawthorn Elementary South will be participating in a special challenge course day on Friday, March 24th. This day will be led by instructors from Hot Ground Gym. All students must fill out a waiver to participate. Waivers are organized by grade level. Please click the appropriate link for each student.







Here is some additional information about Hot Ground Gym:

Hot Ground Gym® was Founded in July 2013 by two military veterans. Doug Gialds, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and, Paul Plotkin, a veteran of the Israeli Special Forces, Hot Ground Gym® is different from any traditional sports programs, fitness and self-defense classes for children. Their mission is to shape today’s kids into the next generation of strong and confident individuals through a unique training program that goes beyond physical activity and works to strengthen critical thinking skills, encourage cooperation and build character.