Elementary South SOARs

Over 100 third through fifth graders at Hawthorn Elementary School South get out of bed extra early, slide into gym shoes and running shorts or yoga pants and SOAR into action. Students arrive at school by 7:15 a.m. and are on the trails running a mile 15 minutes later.

SOAR (Students On A Run) is a running club. For many of the students they are in training for the upcoming LEAD’s Red Ribbon race in Lake Forest on Saturday, October 24.

“We encourage community and family members to join us in the Red Ribbon race. They can register at http://www.leadingefforts.org/soar/,” said SOAR sponsor Stacey Terchin. She added, “We at Elementary South like SOAR because it builds positive attitudes and instills self confidence in students.”

“SOAR gives children and staff an opportunity to come together and create a lifetime love of fitness.  It allows us to give the children an opportunity to set a goal, train for it, and accomplish a 5K race while being supported and surrounded by friends and family,” said Principal Jill Martin. After the race the school suspends the club and begins again in the spring when we train for another 5K race.”