Elementary South Earns Reward Through Lunchroom Recycling Program

Congratulations to Elementary South students for earning a $600 reward through Terracycle’s Recycling program.   This reward will be used by our Courage Committee to reach their goal to help the earth by planting trees on our campus.

Elementary South’s lunchroom recycling program was initiated by Lunch Supervisor, Sally Speer.  After working in the Elementary South cafeteria for 4 years, she saw so much waste and decided to take action to educate our children on recycling as part of their daily routine at school.  After researching Terracycle’s Recycling program, Mrs. Speer was enticed at the idea of recycling “out of the ordinary” items that we often see in our cafeteria such as drink pouches and Little Bite snack pouches.

Becoming one of Terracyle’s top collectors for recycling these items was easy for Elementary South.  We feed 770 children in our cafeteria every day.  At the end of each lunch period the children put their designated recycle items in our collection bins.  At the end of the week, Mrs. Speer prints the labels and sends in the items for recycling.  Our students enjoy participating in the program and know that they are helping to make a difference in their own future.