D73 BOE Approves the Lease of Portables

The Hawthorn Board of Education held a special meeting to discuss 2016-2017 enrollment figures and to review options to address capacity issues. Elementary South has reached maximum capacity and to relieve building stress, the Board on Monday approved the lease of two portable units.

Superintendent Nick Brown and Dr. Jill Martin, Principal at Elementary South, are looking at using the portables for art and music programs, which will free up classroom space within the building. To reduce class size at the second and fifth grade levels, District 73 will hire two teachers. Gym space at Aspen Elementary will be shared with Elementary South to provide additional physical education class space.

District 73 continues to experience growth causing district buildings to approach capacity. A Hawthorn District 73 Core Team has been working with the DLR Group of Chicago, the district’s architects, to develop options for future building renovations or construction.