Children playing

Kindergarten Welcome Night is a Blast

Children had great fun at the August 15 Kindergarten Welcome Night at Elementary South. The event included a play date for incoming kindergarten children and a bus practice. Parents met teachers, learned all about Elementary South and met other kindergarten families.

Field Day

Field Day is a Great Day

Elementary South children had a great time at Field Day last Friday. They played all sorts of relay games and took turns jumping up and down in the bouncy house. It was a perfect day for playing outdoors.


May 2018 SOAR Winners

Congratulations to all of our May SOAR (SAFE, ON TASK, ACT RESPONSIBLE, RESPECT) winners, who “Soared Above the Line” in academics or behavior this month.

First Name Homeroom Teacher
Sofia Dingman
Kyrill Kroot
Ayesha Kroot
Aubrey Schryver
Nirvighna Sri Schryver
Isabella Silver
Vinnie Silver
Kartikeya Silver
Sumedha Silver
Anixis Silver
Connor Silver
Narren Silver
Alinna Silver
Alan 1 Bleck
Surya 1 Bleck
Abhinav 1 Brettner
Sanvi  1 Brettner
Hailey 1 Brzezinski
Francesca 1 Brzezinski
Nolan 1 Faith
Daniel  1 Faith
Devna 1 Lawless
Ching-Ching 1 Lawless
Aria 1 Wilton
Rupesh 1 Wilton
Abby 1 Wilton
Nicholas 2 Terchin
Jack 2 Terchin
Zhaoke 2 Wagner
Akshita 2 Wagner
Gavin 2 Weinstein
Caily 2 Weinstein
Stefan 2 Worden
Genevieve 2 Worden
Steven 3 Arenson
Annie 3 Arenson
Emily 3 Arenson
Mya 3 Donoghue
Sophie  3 Donoghue
Ryley 4 Alland
Rohan 4 Alland
Ryan 4 Dahm
Ishika 4 Dahm
Brody 4 Oliva
Alicia 4 Oliva
Keerthu 4 Schorsch
Grace 4 Schorsch
Sreemayi 4 Studer
Precious 4 Studer
Varsha 5 Brand
Jack 5 Brand
Ganny 5 Preuss
Izzie 5 Preuss
Lucas 5 Sordini
Anya 5 Trela
Carlos 5 Trela

Thank You for Book Donations!

A HUGE thank you to all of our Elementary South families for their support of the Book Swap!  All remaining books were donated to Bernie’s Book Bank on May 30!
big truck

Big Trucks

The Village of Vernon Hills Public Works Department came by on May 24 with some big trucks. Elementary South’s first-grade students learned about backhoes, bucket trucks, salt trucks and front end loaders thanks to the friendly Public Works staff.

Book Swap a Success!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated books to the book swap!! Every student had the opportunity to take home a “new to them” forever book.  Leftover books will be donated to Bernie’s Book Bank.

Combined Elementary South/Aspen Elementary Band and Orchestra Concerts

Congratulations to Mr. Fritz and Ms. Lee and their students on their outstanding performances on May 22nd and May 23rd.  Thank you to all of the families and friends who attended the concerts.

school logo

Hawthorn School District 73 Superintendent Accepts Position in Indiana

Superintendent Nick Brown has resigned from Hawthorn School District 73 effective June 30 to accept a new position in Indiana to be closer to family.

“I really enjoyed my time at Hawthorn and appreciate all the work the staff does for all our students,” Brown said.  “We have great parents, students, staff and community.”

The Board of Education is grateful for Mr. Brown’s service to Hawthorn and wishes him well at his new district in Indiana.

The Board of Education will work hard to make this transition as smooth as possible with the help and guidance of the District’s administrative team.  An interim superintendent will be hired to support the District for the next year.  Also, the District will hire a search firm to help find the right superintendent candidate for the district.  The District asks for community patience and support in the coming weeks.  The District will continue to focus on what it does best, ensuring the best learning environment for its students.

El Superintendente del Distrito Escolar Hawthorn #73 acepta una posición en Indiana

Nick Brown, el Superintendente de el Distrito Escolar Hawthorn #73 ha renunciado a su puesto a partir del 30 de junio para aceptar un nuevo puesto en Indiana para estar más cerca de su familia.

“Realmente disfruté mi tiempo en Hawthorn y aprecié todo el trabajo que hace el personal para todos nuestros estudiantes”, dijo el Sr. Brown. “Tenemos unos excelentes padres, estudiantes, personal y comunidad”.

La Junta de Educación está agradecida por el servicio del Sr. Brown a Hawthorn y le desea lo mejor en su nuevo distrito en Indiana.

La Junta de Educación trabajará arduamente para hacer que esta transición sea fluida con la ayuda y orientación del equipo administrativo del Distrito. Se contratará un superintendente interino para apoyar al Distrito el próximo año escolar. Además, el Distrito contratará una empresa de búsqueda para ayudar a encontrar al candidato adecuado para el superintendente para el distrito. El Distrito pide paciencia y apoyo a la comunidad en las próximas semanas. El Distrito continuará enfocándose en lo que hace mejor, asegurando el mejor ambiente de aprendizaje para sus estudiantes.

orchestra rehearsal

Practice Makes Perfect

Students in the Aspen and Elementary South orchestras know that practice makes perfect.  You can see their dedication and concentration as they rehearse.