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December SOAR winners

December SOAR Winners

Congratulations to the December SOAR winners!

Last NameFirst NameReasonHomeroomGrade
Z.KaylaOn Task BehaviorMiss Avila0
S.JacksonBeing RespectfulMiss Avila0
S.SashaBeing RespectfulMrs. Shannon0
X.MecBeing RespectfulMrs. Shannon0
P.JeremiahOn Task BehaviorMrs. Silver0
R.NoahOn Task BehaviorMrs. Silver0
B.AarikBeing RespectfulMs. Apgar0
B.MadisonActing ResponsiblyMs. Apgar0
P.SahasraBeing RespectfulMs. Dingman & Ms. SeLander0
P.JaiBeing RespectfulMs. Dingman & Ms. SeLander0
P.SriramBeing RespectfulMiss Brzezinski1
A.SafaActing ResponsiblyMiss Brzezinski 1
V.HrithvikOn Task BehaviorMrs. Faith1
L.SanviOn Task BehaviorMrs. Faith1
O.MelissaBeing RespectfulMrs. Lawless1
C.AnthonyActing ResponsiblyMrs. Lawless1
C.JitinOn Task BehaviorMrs. Wilton1
G.NithilaBeing RespectfulMrs. Wilton1
M.NanditaOn Task BehaviorMs. Bleck1
H.SinaOn Task BehaviorMs. Bleck1
A.RyanOn Task BehaviorMiss Donoghue2
A.DiegoBeing RespectfulMiss Donoghue 2
T.FrancescaActing ResponsiblyMiss Donoghue 2
R.MiaBeing RespectfulMrs. Dimond2
S.ScarlettActing ResponsiblyMrs. Dimond2
O.NoelaniBeing RespectfulMrs. Hansen2
K.PolinaOn Task BehaviorMrs. Hansen2
P.DeekshitaBeing RespectfulMrs. Rude2
S.Samir Being RespectfulMrs. Rude2
M.NikoleActing ResponsiblyMrs. Wagner2
A.AltaiBeing RespectfulMrs. Wagner2
R.SamActing ResponsiblyMiss Reilly3
B.Reagan On Task BehaviorMiss Reilly 3
M.KaylinActing ResponsiblyMrs. Arenson3
K.EllaOn Task BehaviorMrs. Arenson3
M.EmmaActing ResponsiblyMrs. Arenson3
D.KayleighActing ResponsiblyMrs. Arenson3
B.Kanishka Being RespectfulMrs. Brettner 3
O.Anthony On Task BehaviorMrs. Brettner 3
G.OsmarOn Task BehaviorMrs. Preston3
M.AleahActing ResponsiblyMrs. Preston3
S.CharviBeing RespectfulMs. Kroot3
G.YashwanthOn Task BehaviorMs. Kroot3
H.ChaseOn Task BehaviorMiss Alland4
U.IsabellaActing ResponsiblyMiss Alland4
S.AditiActing ResponsiblyMrs. Dahm4
M.RyanBeing RespectfulMrs. Dahm4
F.MohammadBeing RespectfulMrs. Oliva4
B.NoraActing ResponsiblyMrs. Oliva4
D.AayushOn Task BehaviorMrs. Schorsch4
Z.DanielBeing RespectfulMrs. Studer4
T.AyaActing ResponsiblyMrs. Studer4
S.StevenActing ResponsiblyMrs.Schorsch4
A.DeepanActing ResponsiblyMiss Brand5
S.RubiBeing RespectfulMiss Brand5
S.KassyOn Task BehaviorMrs. Sordini5
B.Nolan Being RespectfulMrs. Sordini5
M.RyanActing ResponsiblyMrs. Worden5
Q.EmileeActing ResponsiblyMrs. Worden5
K.Kyle On Task BehaviorMs. Preuss5
D.ColtonBeing RespectfulMs. Preuss5
A.LuisOn Task BehaviorMs. Trela5
S.RyanOn Task BehaviorMs. Trela5
Students in art class

Hawthorn Enrichment Institute Registration Begins Feb. 1

Hawthorn is excited to bring another year of summer programming designed to expand the education horizon for our students. We are offering many new types of project based learning courses and opportunities in the areas of core academics, the arts and athletics. The program, open to all kindergarten through eighth-grade Hawthorn District 73 students, will take place at Townline Elementary, 810 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills. 

  • Session 1 (grades 1 – 8) July 8 – July 19 Fee: $280
  • Session 2 (grades 1 – 8) July 22 – August 2 Fee: $280
  • Kindergarten dates: July 8 – August 2 Fee: $560.00
  • Hours: 7:55 a.m. to 11:55 a.m.
  • Hawthorn will be offering before care in the Townline cafeteria from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Cost: $100 per session

For more information and to view the course descriptions in English and Spanish, visit the HEI page of our website. If you have questions, please call: 847-489-5598 or email:

Sing Along at Elementary South

Holiday Sing Along is a Delight

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students at Middle School South performed for students and parents at Elementary South. Led by Mrs. Klein, they sang a wide range of holiday songs including “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Chanukah, oh Chanukah”.  Elementary South’s fifth grade Eagle Chorus joined in and everyone was invited to sing along.

Sing Along at Elementary South Sing Along at Elementary South Sing Along at Elementary South Sing Along at Elementary South


students roller skating

It’s a Balancing Act

The roller skating unit has begun at Elementary South. After putting on their skates and safety equipment, first graders slowly began to test and build their skating skills. Whenever they fell, they got right up and tried again. In a few days, they will be sailing around the gym.

Students drawing

Nutcrackers, Sweet!

Second-grade students in Ms. Dimond’s class at Elementary South drew some awesome nutcrackers on Monday.

Students Adding Costs

How Much Does a Thanksgiving Dinner Cost?

Ms. Dahm at Elementary South used Thanksgiving as a way to develop her students’ math skills. The fourth-grade students reviewed grocery advertisements to select what they would be including in their Thanksgiving dinners. They had fun putting together lists of food items and adding up the costs based on the number of guests attending their dinners.


Stack of Books

“All For Books” Program Winners

Elementary South raised $2,091.86 during its “All For Books” collection this past week! The money will go directly to our teachers to purchase books for their classrooms. Scholastic also matches the funds raised by each participating school with a donation of books from The Scholastic Possible Fund, which distributes books to children through various not-for-profit organizations.

The overall winning classroom is Mrs. Bleck’s class. They raised $182.34! The class will receive a party and each student will receive a free book at the winter fair.
The winning classrooms for each grade are:
  • Kindergarten – Ms. Dingman
  • 1st – Mrs. Bleck
  • 2nd – Mrs. Dimond
  • 3rd – Mrs. Arenson
  • 4th – Mrs. Studer
  • 5th – Ms. Worden
Children make blankets

Students Make Blankets to Comfort Others

Blankets can be a source of comfort and security for children in crisis. First-grade students at Elementary South made colorful blankets to comfort critically ill or traumatized children as part of the Project Linus-Kids Helping Kids Program. A representative from Project Linus visited the school on Tuesday, showed sample blankets, and provided tips on creating the squares for the blankets. Then the students went back to their classrooms and drew hearts, happy faces and other comforting pictures on squares that will be made into blankets. The blankets will be donated to local organizations such as Alexian Brothers, A Safe Place, and Zacharias Center.


October soaring eagle winners

October Soaring Eagles!

Congratulations to our October SOARING EAGLES!  They SOAR above the line and make us proud.

First_Name Last_Name Homeroom
Lukas H. Miss Reilly
Shresta A. Miss Reilly
Leslie D. Mrs. Worden
Jazmin A. Mrs. Worden
Rohan F. Mrs. Wilton
Maleah H. Mrs. Wilton
Sofia B. Mrs. Faith
Sathvik R. Mrs. Faith
Devna N. Mrs. Rude
Jake D. Mrs. Oliva
Amiya D. Mrs. Oliva
Anika V. Mrs. Rude
Carolynn B. Mrs. Preston
Debarghya D. Mrs. Preston
Aaradhya R. Mrs. Shannon
Nick M. Mrs. Shannon
Kevin F. Mrs. Wagner
Aria S. Mrs. Wagner
Lucas C. Mrs. Schorsch
Noah D. Mrs. Schorsch
Samantha S. Miss Brzezinski
Riya F. Miss Brzezinski
Leland H. Miss Brzezinski
Luis A. Ms. Trela
Tessa D. Ms. Trela
Kayleem Y. Ms. Preuss
Matthew S. Ms. Preuss
Thanmayi G. Ms. Dingman
Aditya N. Ms. Dingman
Keira K. Ms. Apgar
Anthony S. Ms. Apgar
Charlie M. Miss Alland
Emily M. Miss Alland
Brian A. Mrs. Dahm
Ryan M. Mrs. Dahm
Keira B. Mrs. Lawless
Parker O. Mrs. Lawless
Danny D. Mrs. Brettner
Caily V. Mrs. Brettner
Andres S. Mrs. Studer
Ira S. Mrs. Studer
Saathvik S. Ms. Bleck
Paul K. Ms. Bleck
Olivia C. Mrs. Silver
Kate A. Mrs. Silver
Finley B. Mrs. Dimond
Frankie H. Mrs. Dimond
Mika D. Mrs. Henders
Zoey N. Mrs. Henders
Jayden J. Ms. Kroot
Mia S. Ms. Kroot
Ahaan J. Mrs. Rayl
Brielle D. Mrs. Arenson
Ben F. Mrs. Arenson
Nolan B. Mrs. Wietzema
Eva Z. Mrs. Wietzema

Building Bridges

Can you build a bridge or create a maze? These third graders at Elementary South can!