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Kids playing games

Carnival Makes Math Fun

Several second grade classrooms at Elementary South held a Math Carnival last week. This special event took place at the end of a unit on counting money. The students created games at home and then made signs at school about how much their games cost. The carnival gave the students the chance to practice their math skills while having great fun.

children holding signs

Girls Learn New Skills Through Workshop

Elementary South held a “Stand in Your Power” workshop for fifth-grade girls on February 8. During the interactive hour, the girls learned to use tools to help them in challenging situations, such as feeling excluded, coping with mean girls and queen bees, and friendship cliques. One of the things they learned was to take a step back from friendship drama by being more grounded in themselves. In the meantime, fifth-grade boys learned skills through fun activities that emphasized camaraderie and teamwork. The school also held a “Stand in Your Power” workshop for parents, to help them know what to say when their daughters needed help.


Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

When the dragon starts dancing down the hall, you know what time of year it is. Students at Elementary South celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year with a colorful parade through the halls of the school on Feb. 5. Many thanks to Mrs. Yeo and Mr. Messina for organizing such a fun event.


Elementary South Has a Wrestling Champion

Fifth-grade student Pablo B. is currently undefeated with a record of 13-0. This past weekend, Pablo won the Eighth Grade Invitational Marlowe Classic. He was also nominated for outstanding wrestler of the tournament. 

Jeanne Bleck

Teacher Receives Field Trip Grant

Elementary South congratulates and thanks first grade teacher Jeanne Bleck. She received a $700 check Friday from Target Field Trips Grants Program through Scholarship America. She applies for this every year to make it possible for the entire first grade class to attend the field trip to Heller Nature Center in Highland Park.


Students Shine at Concert

Elementary South and Aspen Elementary fourth and fifth grade combined orchestra gave a concert last week. The students gave an awesome performance.

children reading

2019 Seconds of Reading

Friday was a special day at Elementary South. In every class, students in comfortable pajamas read books for their annual 2019 seconds of reading (33 minutes). Here are photos from Ms. Silver’s kindergarten class.

Spelling Bee participants

Students Take on the Spelling Bee Challenge

Elementary South’s Spelling Bee took place Jan. 10. Students showed nerves of steel as they carefully spelled out difficult words. Congratulations to the winner: fifth-grade student Allison S. in Mrs. Worden’s class, and to the runner up: fourth-grade student Jared F. in Mrs. Schorsch’s class. The winning word was visionary.

Classroom Spelling Bee WinnersClassroom
Zachary N.Dahm
Vedant R.Schorsch
Hansuja Y.Sordini
Esha R.Oliva
Leo S. Trela
Kyle K.Preuss
Alex A.Studer
Jared F.Schorsch
Nora B.Oliva
Anika K.Dahm
Vidhi P.Trela
Priyanka S.Brand
Cathelin X.Sordini
Allison S.Worden
Noah C. Minarik
Takshay G.Minarik
Sree D.Preuss
Eugene K.Brand
Lilly P.Worden
Caden B.Studer
December SOAR winners

December SOAR Winners

Congratulations to the December SOAR winners!

Last NameFirst NameReasonHomeroomGrade
Z.KaylaOn Task BehaviorMiss Avila0
S.JacksonBeing RespectfulMiss Avila0
S.SashaBeing RespectfulMrs. Shannon0
X.MecBeing RespectfulMrs. Shannon0
P.JeremiahOn Task BehaviorMrs. Silver0
R.NoahOn Task BehaviorMrs. Silver0
B.AarikBeing RespectfulMs. Apgar0
B.MadisonActing ResponsiblyMs. Apgar0
P.SahasraBeing RespectfulMs. Dingman & Ms. SeLander0
P.JaiBeing RespectfulMs. Dingman & Ms. SeLander0
P.SriramBeing RespectfulMiss Brzezinski1
A.SafaActing ResponsiblyMiss Brzezinski 1
V.HrithvikOn Task BehaviorMrs. Faith1
L.SanviOn Task BehaviorMrs. Faith1
O.MelissaBeing RespectfulMrs. Lawless1
C.AnthonyActing ResponsiblyMrs. Lawless1
C.JitinOn Task BehaviorMrs. Wilton1
G.NithilaBeing RespectfulMrs. Wilton1
M.NanditaOn Task BehaviorMs. Bleck1
H.SinaOn Task BehaviorMs. Bleck1
A.RyanOn Task BehaviorMiss Donoghue2
A.DiegoBeing RespectfulMiss Donoghue 2
T.FrancescaActing ResponsiblyMiss Donoghue 2
R.MiaBeing RespectfulMrs. Dimond2
S.ScarlettActing ResponsiblyMrs. Dimond2
O.NoelaniBeing RespectfulMrs. Hansen2
K.PolinaOn Task BehaviorMrs. Hansen2
P.DeekshitaBeing RespectfulMrs. Rude2
S.Samir Being RespectfulMrs. Rude2
M.NikoleActing ResponsiblyMrs. Wagner2
A.AltaiBeing RespectfulMrs. Wagner2
R.SamActing ResponsiblyMiss Reilly3
B.Reagan On Task BehaviorMiss Reilly 3
M.KaylinActing ResponsiblyMrs. Arenson3
K.EllaOn Task BehaviorMrs. Arenson3
M.EmmaActing ResponsiblyMrs. Arenson3
D.KayleighActing ResponsiblyMrs. Arenson3
B.Kanishka Being RespectfulMrs. Brettner 3
O.Anthony On Task BehaviorMrs. Brettner 3
G.OsmarOn Task BehaviorMrs. Preston3
M.AleahActing ResponsiblyMrs. Preston3
S.CharviBeing RespectfulMs. Kroot3
G.YashwanthOn Task BehaviorMs. Kroot3
H.ChaseOn Task BehaviorMiss Alland4
U.IsabellaActing ResponsiblyMiss Alland4
S.AditiActing ResponsiblyMrs. Dahm4
M.RyanBeing RespectfulMrs. Dahm4
F.MohammadBeing RespectfulMrs. Oliva4
B.NoraActing ResponsiblyMrs. Oliva4
D.AayushOn Task BehaviorMrs. Schorsch4
Z.DanielBeing RespectfulMrs. Studer4
T.AyaActing ResponsiblyMrs. Studer4
S.StevenActing ResponsiblyMrs.Schorsch4
A.DeepanActing ResponsiblyMiss Brand5
S.RubiBeing RespectfulMiss Brand5
S.KassyOn Task BehaviorMrs. Sordini5
B.Nolan Being RespectfulMrs. Sordini5
M.RyanActing ResponsiblyMrs. Worden5
Q.EmileeActing ResponsiblyMrs. Worden5
K.Kyle On Task BehaviorMs. Preuss5
D.ColtonBeing RespectfulMs. Preuss5
A.LuisOn Task BehaviorMs. Trela5
S.RyanOn Task BehaviorMs. Trela5
Students in art class

Hawthorn Enrichment Institute Registration Begins Feb. 1

Hawthorn is excited to bring another year of summer programming designed to expand the education horizon for our students. We are offering many new types of project based learning courses and opportunities in the areas of core academics, the arts and athletics. The program, open to all kindergarten through eighth-grade Hawthorn District 73 students, will take place at Townline Elementary, 810 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills. 

  • Session 1 (grades 1 – 8) July 8 – July 19 Fee: $280
  • Session 2 (grades 1 – 8) July 22 – August 2 Fee: $280
  • Kindergarten dates: July 8 – August 2 Fee: $560.00
  • Hours: 7:55 a.m. to 11:55 a.m.
  • Hawthorn will be offering before care in the Townline cafeteria from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Cost: $100 per session

For more information and to view the course descriptions in English and Spanish, visit the HEI page of our website. If you have questions, please call: 847-489-5598 or email: