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SOAR winners

SOAR Winners

These Elementary South students SOARed above the line in February.

A.NitinMrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
A.ReinaMrs. RudeActing Responsibly2
A.RimshaMrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
A.AashviAvilaOn Task Behavior0
A.DereckSilverOn Task Behavior0
B.YashasviMrs. MinarikBeing Respectful4
B.PriscillaMrs. WiltonOn Task Behavior1
B.Shrinaina Mrs. WagnerBeing Respectful2
C.AnayMs. BleckActing Responsibly1
D.HarikaMiss Donoghue Acting Responsibly2
D.TessaMs. TrelaOn Task Behavior5
D.LoganMrs. OlivaOn Task Behavior4
F.Ayrah Ms. ApgarActing Responsibly0
F.NatalieMs. Dingman & Ms. SeLanderOn Task Behavior0
G.EmmanuelMs. TrelaBeing Respectful5
G.KarthikMs. Brand Being Respectful5
I.PratiAvilaActing Responsibly0
J.DaiwikSilverOn Task Behavior0
J.JordanAvilaOn Task Behavior0
J.DannyMrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
J.YoonwooSchorschActing Responsibly4
J.AhaanMrs. RaylBeing Respectful3
K.KaitlinMs. KrootBeing Respectful3
K.AnthonyMiss Brzezinski Safe Behavior1
K.NakulMrs. PrestonActing Responsibly3
K.JaiMrs. StuderActing Responsibly4
K.AayushMs. Dingman & Ms. SeLanderBeing Respectful0
L.Ching-ChingMrs. WagnerOn Task Behavior2
L.JoshuaMrs. HendersActing Responsibly2
L.TamaraMs. Brand Acting Responsibly5
M.Gayatri Ms. PreussBeing Respectful5
M.Gavin Mrs. ArensonOn Task Behavior3
M.HaileyMiss Donoghue On Task Behavior2
M.SophieMrs. OlivaActing Responsibly4
M.ShreshtaMrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
M.HemaMrs. WordenActing Responsibly5
O.AyatiMrs. PrestonActing Responsibly3
P.RishaanMrs. WiltonBeing Respectful1
P.ParkerMrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
P.StephanMrs. DahmActing Responsibly4
P.Siri Mrs. Brettner On Task Behavior3
R.KyrillMrs. Faith Acting Responsibly1
R.GraceMrs. MinarikBeing Respectful4
R.VedantSchorschActing Responsibly4
R.KaushikaMrs. DahmBeing Respectful4
R.AnikaMrs. Faith Being Respectful1
R.CamilaMrs. LawlessBeing Respectful1
R.AnixisMrs. LawlessActing Responsibly1
R.NicholasMiss Reilly Acting Responsibly3
S.KupalinaMrs. ArensonBeing Respectful3
S.LauriMrs. HendersBeing Respectful2
S.AnshMs. BleckBeing Respectful1
S.YashMs. KrootActing Responsibly3
S.Alisha Miss ReillyOn Task Behavior3
S.WilliamMrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
U.ZoeMrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
U.Sammy Mrs. Brettner Being Respectful3
V.SaanviMrs. StuderBeing Respectful4
V.AidanMs. PreussBeing Respectful5
W.AudreyMiss BrzezinskiActing Responsibly1
Y.Seung YunMrs. WordenOn Task Behavior5
Z.ChenyuMrs. RudeSafe Behavior2
Students engaged in activities

Embracing Learning Differences

Classrooms at Elementary South are doing all sorts of fun activities in connection with Cape-Abilities Over Disabilities Week, March 11-15, which underscores the school’s embrace of learning differences. On Wednesday, Ms. Lawless’ class played games, Mrs. Reilly’s class wore their capes, and students in Ms. Krysa’s art class made logos to place on their capes.

Climbing Unit Tests Students’ Skills

The P.E. Climbing Unit is in full swing at Elementary South. On Wednesday afternoon, kindergarten and first grade students tested their skills in balancing and climbing. The activities helped develop coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Safety mats, P.E. teachers and volunteers were all there to keep the students safe and ensure they had great fun as they met each challenge.

Jeanne Bleck

Teacher Secures Field Trip Grant

Congratulations to Jeanne Bleck, a first-grade teacher at Elementary South. She applied for and received a grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Education to take her school’s first-grade classes on a field trip to the Heller Nature Center in Highland Park this spring.


Cape-Abilities Over Disabilities Week

For the first time, Elementary South will host a Cape-Abilities Over Disabilities Week, March 11-15, to underscore the school’s embrace of learning differences. Each day, students will engage in different activities and events, ranging from walking in someone else’s shoes, reflections and the opportunity to play adaptive sports. During art classes, students will be making special capes, which they will all wear together on Friday, the final day of this special week.

students and posters

Celebrating Black History Month

For Black History Month, third-grade students at Elementary South put together awesome, mosaic posters of historical figures such as Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Ruby Nell Bridges Hall and Nelson Mandela. The posters are in the hallway for everyone to see.

Students who received SOAR recognition in January.

SOAR Winners for January

First NameLast NameHomeroomReasonGrade
EmilioC.Ms. ApgarBeing Respectful0
LandonQ.Ms. ApgarOn Task Behavior0
CalvinM.Mrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
HaasiniS.Mrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
MatthewZ.Ms. SilverBeing Respectful0
DylanF.Ms. SilverOn Task Behavior0
GabbyR.Mrs. FaithActing Responsibly1
Advika M.Mrs. Faith Acting Responsibly1
JaydenX.Mrs. WiltonOn Task Behavior1
BhuvanaB.Mrs. WiltonActing Responsibly1
AnvayV.Ms. BleckOn Task Behavior1
AadhyaC.Ms. BleckOn Task Behavior1
AashnaS.Miss Brzezinski Acting Responsibly1
MadisonA.Miss BrzezinskiBeing Respectful1
AlexP.Mrs. LawlessOn Task Behavior1
Ayesha A.Mrs. LawlessActing Responsibly1
SanatA.Mrs. RudeOn Task Behavior2
FloraM.Mrs. RudeBeing Respectful2
ChaseB.Mrs. DimondOn Task Behavior2
EricM.Mrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
CamilaH.Mrs. WagnerOn Task Behavior2
JosephR.Mrs. WagnerOn Task Behavior2
Gianna C.Mrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
Nathan G.Mrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
Kei-KeiL.Mrs. HendersActing Responsibly2
Melodie A.Mrs. Brettner On Task Behavior3
Matthew P.Mrs. Brettner On Task Behavior3
Alisha S.Miss ReillyOn Task Behavior3
TedH.Miss ReillyActing Responsibly3
CaelynC.KrootBeing Respectful3
ReillyI.Mrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
ChrisM.Mrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
SmrutiD.Mrs. OlivaActing Responsibly4
JimmyT.Mrs. OlivaSafe Behavior4
BellaA.Mrs. DahmOn Task Behavior4
KautikM.Mrs. DahmBeing Respectful4
Jason K.Mrs. StuderSafe Behavior4
PriyaR.Mrs. Studer Acting Responsibly4
MohammadY.Miss AllandActing Responsibly4
AllisonR.Miss AllandBeing Respectful4
AvinK.Mrs. SchorschActing Responsibly4
OjaswiV.Mrs. SchorschActing Responsibly4
HunterB.Ms. PreussOn Task Behavior5
AriM.Ms. PreussActing Responsibly5
TireniA.Mrs. Sordini On Task Behavior5
JohannaM.Mrs. Sordini Being Respectful5
JustinC.Ms. TrelaOn Task Behavior5
ConnorB.Ms. TrelaOn Task Behavior5
MiaV.Ms. BrandActing Responsibly5
TylerS.Ms. BrandBeing Respectful5
TrevorT.Mrs. WordenActing Responsibly5
AnnaR.Mrs. WordenActing Responsibly5
student presentations

Greek Gods and Goddesses Come to Life

Fourth-grade students at Elementary South, including students in Ms. Dahm’s class, dressed up in togas and sandals on Tuesday, as part of a First Person Greek Mythology Project. Each student had an opportunity to stand before the class and talk about the unique personality traits and lives of the gods they represented. Through wonderful costumes and performances, those old Greek gods we rarely hear about today, suddenly came to life.

students performing

Students Give Stellar Performance

Elementary South and Aspen Elementary’s fourth and fifth grade band concert on Tuesday showed just how far students have come this year. They played beautifully.

Dental Assistants and Students

Dental Assistants and Tooth Fairy Make a Visit

The Tooth Fairy, along with eight dental students from First Institute in Libertyville, visited Ms. Bleck’s first-grade class at Elementary South. The dental assistants taught the students how to floss and brush away “sugar bugs”. In the meantime, the Tooth Fairy sprinkled fairy dust, wishing the students good teeth and good dreams.