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Things to Do Over the Summer

Hello Elementary South,

It was an amazing year filled with learning both academic and social emotional growth.  Take a peek at our END OF YEAR VIDEO to see some of the fun we had this year.

Don’t forget the importance of READING over the summer.  The Aspen Library’s Summer Reading Program is a great way to enjoy some great books and practice our reading skills.   Help us win the trophy of best participation in the summer reading program.  Here is the link to join the summer reading program.

We are also having a SUMMER MATH CHALLENGE!  Join the DREAMBOX challenge and complete 5 lessons per week to keep your skills sharp and earn 20 SOAR DOLLARS!

Have a great summer!  If you need anything over the summer, I am in the office all summer and can be reached at or (847) 990-4800.

See you in August!

Jill Martin

AHA Logo

A Thank You to Elementary South

The American Heart Association thanked Elementary South on another hugely successful Kids Heart Challenge this year. Elementary South raised $10,364 for the Association. More than 130 students signed up to take the challenge to keep their hearts healthy. Dollars raised help community initiatives, education, research and quality of care to fight heart disease, the number one killer in the world. The Association also thanked Katie Krajewski for leading the PE team that launched the effort, and for helping students build life changing health habits.

Bernie's Books Logo

A Thank You from Bernie’s Books

Thank you so much for hosting a book drive at Hawthorn Elementary School South – Vernon Hills!  We are so grateful for your support and for
your partnership. Your 3,200 books go a long way. The books you graciously donated enable us to serve 267 children with 12 books this year.   You have gotten us one step closer to our goal: distribute 3.6 million books to 300,000 children in need throughout the Chicagoland area. On behalf of all the children we serve, thank you for furthering our mission!

children playing games

It’s a Perfect Day for Field Day

Elementary South picked a perfect day for Field Day on June 5. Students played a wide variety of games from tug of war to freeze tag. Lots of smiling faces everywhere as children enjoyed the sunshine as the end of the school year rapidly approaches.

Students and teachers running

Elementary South Hosts “Salute to Summer” Celebration

Friday was a special day at Elementary South as SOAR runners took off for their final run of the season. They had 45 minutes to run as far as they could on a marked trail. The race was part of a “Salute to Summer” celebration.

SOAR Winners

Elementary South Announces May SOAR Winners

Congratulations to the SOAR winners for the month of May:

First NameLast NameHomeroomReasonGrade
MadisonC.Mrs. ShannonActing Responsibly0
LorielA.Mrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
NithyaC.Mrs. ShannonActing Responsibly0
AryahiN.Mrs. ShannonActing Responsibly0
JustinS.Ms. AvilaSafe Behavior0
JiaruiZ.Ms. AvilaOn Task Behavior0
AllenL.SilverBeing Respectful0
EdwinZ.SilverOn Task Behavior0
JonathanV.SilverOn Task Behavior0
AyaanS.SilverOn Task Behavior0
Kian D.Miss Brzezinski Acting Responsibly1
Ben S.Miss Brzezinski On Task Behavior1
EmmanuelU.Miss Brzezinski Safe Behavior1
PeterG.Mrs. Faith Being Respectful1
IzzeeM.Mrs. Faith Acting Responsibly1
Aniruth P.Mrs. Faith Being Respectful1
AyushmanG.Mrs. LawlessBeing Respectful1
Hasitha G. Mrs. LawlessBeing Respectful1
Caleb B.Mrs. WiltonActing Responsibly1
Connor D.Mrs. WiltonOn Task Behavior1
EliK.Mrs. WiltonBeing Respectful1
ArpithP.Mrs. WiltonSafe Behavior1
BarnaliT.Ms. BleckOn Task Behavior1
SofiaM.Ms. BleckOn Task Behavior1
AbbyF.Mrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
AshwinG.Mrs. DimondActing Responsibly2
DeveshV.Mrs. DimondOn Task Behavior2
AbhinavS.Mrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
CatherineL.Mrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
YaserH.Mrs. HendersBeing Respectful2
AbhinavH.Mrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
DominicK.Mrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
LuisD.Mrs. WagnerOn Task Behavior2
MythriG.Mrs. WagnerActing Responsibly2
OmarieeC.Ms. DonoghueOn Task Behavior2
HarshiniV.Ms. DonoghueBeing Respectful2
Hasini S.Ms. DonoghueBeing Respectful2
EliseW.Miss KrootBeing Respectful3
SarayuP.Miss KrootBeing Respectful3
AnushaA.Miss KrootActing Responsibly3
LukasH.Miss ReillyOn Task Behavior3
JasmineY.Miss ReillyActing Responsibly3
CarsonA.Mrs. ArensonOn Task Behavior3
MilaM.Mrs. ArensonBeing Respectful3
Reid S.Mrs. Brettner Being Respectful3
Yuriy P.Mrs. Brettner Being Respectful3
PresleyS.Mrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
AidenS.Mrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
JuliahR. Mrs. DahmBeing Respectful4
SamarthR.Mrs. DahmOn Task Behavior4
KorinaS.Mrs. MinarikBeing Respectful4
EduardoM.Mrs. MinarikActing Responsibly4
PhillipK.Mrs. OlivaActing Responsibly4
SarahJ.Mrs. OlivaBeing Respectful4
OliviaS.Mrs. SchorschOn Task Behavior4
JoshuaZ.Mrs. SchorschActing Responsibly4
DahliaF.Mrs. StuderBeing Respectful4
SajidA.Mrs. StuderOn Task Behavior4
HansujaY.Mrs. SordiniOn Task Behavior5
SandraJ.Mrs. SordiniBeing Respectful5
StephenC.Mrs. WordenActing Responsibly5
Alicia B.Mrs. WordenActing Responsibly5
KailynnM.Ms. BrandActing Responsibly5
EugeneK.Ms. Brand On Task Behavior5
VictorC.Ms. PreussBeing Respectful5
SreeD.Ms. PreussActing Responsibly5
GabiL.Ms. TrelaOn Task Behavior5
AriB.Ms. TrelaOn Task Behavior5
Artsonia logo

Elementary South Student is Artist of the Week Finalist

Allison S., a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Worden’s class at Elementary South, was chosen as a finalist for Artsonia’s “Artist of the Week” for the fourth through sixth grade group. The finalist who receives the most online votes between now and Saturday, May 18, will be officially selected as “Artist of the Week.” Please use the link below and vote for Allison 12629 in the 4th to 6th category. You can vote once a day all week from multiple devices. Let’s help make Allison “Artist of the Week”!

To view the finalists and cast your vote, simply click on the link below. Voting is limited to one vote per computer per day for each age group!

The “Artist of the Week” will be featured on the Artsonia homepage and will receive a commemorative plaque from Artsonia. In addition, Blick Art Materials has generously donated $100 gift certificates to the winning schools and $50 to the winning artists. 

SOAR winners

SOAR Winners for April

Congratulations to the SOAR winners for April.

BetsyH.Mrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
ChristopherA.Mrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
IshanS.Mrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
XimenaM.Mrs. SilverActing Responsibly0
ArohiJ.Mrs. SilverActing Responsibly0
MariaA.Mrs. Silver On Task Behavior0
RivaanK.Mrs. Silver On Task Behavior0
SathvikG.Ms. ApgarActing Responsibly0
KyndraG.Ms. ApgarBeing Respectful0
VrushankD.Ms. AvilaBeing Respectful0
VidurV.Ms. AvilaOn Task Behavior0
GoviD.Miss BleckOn Task Behavior1
ArjunH.Miss BleckSafe Behavior1
Ashima S.Miss BrzezinskiSafe Behavior1
BrendanK.Miss BrzezinskiActing Responsibly1
AishiN.Mrs. Faith Safe Behavior1
ShritanayP.Mrs. Faith Acting Responsibly1
SumedhaG.Mrs. LawlessBeing Respectful1
DanielS.Mrs. LawlessBeing Respectful1
MichaelA.Mrs. WiltonOn Task Behavior1
AbigailP.Mrs. WiltonActing Responsibly1
Leah B.Mrs. WiltonBeing Respectful1
ShiraW.Miss DonoghueOn Task Behavior2
KaylaL.Miss DonoghueOn Task Behavior2
PatrickH.Miss DonoghueActing Responsibly2
CadenB.Miss DonoghueOn Task Behavior2
SophiaG.Mrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
TalyaA.Mrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
AzimS.Mrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
MedhaD.Mrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
AhanaN.Mrs. HendersActing Responsibly2
MallieM.Mrs. HendersActing Responsibly2
YazanK.Mrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
JayS.Mrs. RudeActing Responsibly2
KylerK.Mrs. WagnerActing Responsibly2
ShrinainaB.Mrs. WagnerActing Responsibly2
TesiaT.Miss KrootBeing Respectful3
ShiveshM.Miss ReillyOn Task Behavior3
BraydenW.Miss ReillyOn Task Behavior3
GenevieveD.Mrs. Brettner Being Respectful3
Rishab P.Mrs. Brettner Being Respectful3
SonyaK.Mrs. RaylActing Responsibly3
StellaY.Mrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
ChristianJ.Mrs. PrestonActing Responsibly3
AfifaS.Mrs. PrestonSafe Behavior3
WyattK.Mrs. DahmOn Task Behavior4
PraneethN.Mrs. DahmActing Responsibly4
MayaM.Mrs. MinarikBeing Respectful4
TakshayG.Mrs. MinarikOn Task Behavior4
EshaR.Mrs. OlivaBeing Respectful4
MiaD.Mrs. OlivaOn Task Behavior4
NaimaP.Mrs. StuderActing Responsibly4
DariaM.Mrs. StuderBeing Respectful4
NolanB.Mrs. SordiniBeing Respectful5
ParvathyS.Mrs. SordiniActing Responsibly5
ZacharyS.Mrs. WordenActing Responsibly5
AnayaT.Mrs.WordenActing Responsibly5
FitzgeraldM.Ms. BrandSafe Behavior5
KylieM.Ms. Brand On Task Behavior5
EmmaH.Ms. PreussActing Responsibly5
AbbieW.Ms. PreussBeing Respectful5
NoahS.Ms. TrelaBeing Respectful5
EmmaI.Ms. TrelaOn Task Behavior5
students in Wax Museum

Characters Come to Life at Wax Museum

The Elementary South third-grade classrooms of Ms. Brettner and Ms. Kroot presented a Wax Museum on Monday. At the push of a button, students brought their characters to life. Parents, family members and students walked around the cafeteria to learn about the lives of many people, including four United States presidents, Jane Goodall, Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks and many more.

Students at Heller Nature Center

The Outdoors is the Classroom at Heller Nature Center

During a field trip to the Heller Nature Center in Highland Park last week, first grade students at Elementary South learned what animals need to survive in their habitats. Through hands-on, interactive lessons taught by nature guides, they learned that animals need space, food, water and shelter to thrive in the woods. Walking down a scenic trail, students had opportunities to look for examples of animal shelters, food and water. They even found animals hidden under logs. The children had great fun as the outdoors became their classroom. For many years, first-grade teacher Ms. Bleck has secured a grant that makes this annual field trip possible. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Independence Tube Corporation, the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation, the D. F. and M. T. Grohne Family Foundation and the Illinois Conservation Foundation are sponsors of the grant program.