Broadcast News

Each morning Hawthorn Elementary South School students arrive to school early to write the morning news, set up the production studio, read through a script, and practice before video taping “ HES Morning News”, broadcasted minutes later to a student body of 740 kindergarteners through fifth graders.

HES News airs each morning at the school. It is student run. Teacher sponsor Karen Brennan helps students write the script, provides broadcasting “tricks and tips”, and teaches iMovie editing. Students take pictures and videos around the school of on going events like Unity Day, Red Ribbon Week, and the monthly Birthday Bash. Some students enjoy writing the news, others like producing the news show, while some students like being the “talent” and telling the story. Following the news taping, students edit the show before it is aired moments later.

In this fast paced environment students get a glimpse into producing a news show. They learn that brevity is key and action shots get a lot of views.

“The broadcast news (program) at HES is a great way to provide positive feedback to children for their hard work. First of all, the children that run the broadcast show responsibility by being here early each day, writing the daily news script, looking up facts on the Internet, editing, adding voice-overs, adding music, pictures, etc. It is our communication tool within the building,” said Principal Jill Martin.