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A Thank You to Elementary South

The American Heart Association thanked Elementary South on another hugely successful Kids Heart Challenge this year. Elementary South raised $10,364 for the Association. More than 130 students signed up to take the challenge to keep their hearts healthy. Dollars raised help community initiatives, education, research and quality of care to fight heart disease, the number one killer […]

A Thank You from Bernie’s Books

Thank you so much for hosting a book drive at Hawthorn Elementary School South – Vernon Hills!  We are so grateful for your support and foryour partnership. Your 3,200 books go a long way. The books you graciously donated enable us to serve 267 children with 12 books this year.   You have gotten us one step closer to our goal: distribute […]

Elementary South Thanks Its Volunteers

Approximately 40 parents attended Elementary South’s Volunteer Tea on Friday morning, an event geared to thank all the parents who volunteered at Elementary South. Volunteers play a vital role in helping assure that activities such as a class party, Cape-abilities Week, book fair, climbing unit, lunch room, art adventure, or classroom centers go smoothly. Several […]

SOAR Winners for April

Congratulations to the SOAR winners for April. First_Name Last_Name Homeroom Reason Grade Betsy H. Mrs. Shannon Being Respectful 0 Christopher A. Mrs. Shannon Being Respectful 0 Ishan S. Mrs. Shannon Being Respectful 0 Ximena M. Mrs. Silver Acting Responsibly 0 Arohi J. Mrs. Silver Acting Responsibly 0 Maria A. Mrs. Silver  On Task Behavior 0 […]

Characters Come to Life at Wax Museum

The Elementary South third-grade classrooms of Ms. Brettner and Ms. Kroot presented a Wax Museum on Monday. At the push of a button, students brought their characters to life. Parents, family members and students walked around the cafeteria to learn about the lives of many people, including four United States presidents, Jane Goodall, Amelia Earhart, […]