Students in 5th grade have been working on their Science Fair projects for over a month in science classes.  They were expected to complete an official lab report and to analyze the data they collected for their individual experiments.  They did a fantastic job and we are very proud of their completed tri-folds!

Congratulations to our award winners!

Mrs Bentley’s Class:
1st-Amala Pattabiraman     2nd-Dani Dechter     3rd-Sadie Sheridan
Mrs. Hill’s Class:
1st- Amanda Roc     2nd- Anthony Viviano     3rd- Andres Gallegos
Mrs. Preuss’ Class:
1st- Amy Deng     2nd- Maha Rahman     3rd-Hector Lara Fernandez
Mrs. Gordon’s Class:
1st- Hannah Lui     2nd- Abiroop Reddy     3rd- Sari Stinson
Ms. Trela’s Class:
1st- Tyler Schultz     2nd- Johnny Igonikov    3rd- Lisa Boehmer