District Reorganization Committee Meeting Location Changed

The district reorganization committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 14 @5:30pm has been moved to the District offices.
The Board of Education has directed a Reorganization Committee, consisting of parents, staff and community members, to review several points from its recently adopted Strategic Plan. These actions include studying facilities and resources across the district, ensuring equitable access to high quality programs for all students, and looking at the feasibility of expanding early intervention opportunities such as full day kindergarten.




Board Decisions Regarding Direction to the Reorganization Committee

Following are decisions by the board regarding direction to the Reorganization Committee after reflecting on the proposed strategic plan:

  1. Full day kindergarten at all schools.  The Board would like the Reorganization Committee to explore the opportunity to provide a full day kindergarten program for all students.
  2. Grandfather clause.  The community has provided consensus.  They would like current students to be grandfathered into their current school.  The Board of Education would like the Reorganization Committee to determine how to grandfather students into their current schools.  If not possible, the Board wants a compelling rationale why it would not work.
  3. Dual Language.  The School of Dual Language is a curriculum program school as opposed to a choice.  The board has affirmed that any reorganization recommendations include the School of Dual Language as it currently exists (K-5) and has asked for more information to be gathered from the DL community to determine whether there is community interest in expansion of the program to K-8.
  4. School Choice.  The Board of Education has agreed that the current state of school choice is not supported nor in alignment with the newly proposed strategic plan.  They are open to other choice possibilities in the future.  The Board is directing the Reorganization Committee to not maintain the current choice model in the reorganization plan.