Students Aim to Include All

Hawthorn Elementary South School is well known for its many acts of kindness that help children feel included in activities, lunchtime chatter, and recess four square. But SAGES (Student Activity Group of Elementary South) went one step further and designated a ‘Buddy Table’ where students could sit at recess if they felt lonely, left out, or just needed a friend.

Recently, SAGES members visited every classroom and explained to students what the Buddy Table was and how students could get involved in making the school an even more inviting place than it already is.

They shared with their younger peers that the Buddy Table is a table where students can sit if…

  • You are new to our school
  • Your friends are playing a game you don’t want to play
  • Your friend isn’t here today
  • You are hurt and can’t play
  • You just want to make a new friend

SAGES explained how all students could get involved. If someone is sitting at the Buddy Table, they encouraged students in all grades to seek out the student and invite him or her to play in whatever game they were involved in on the playground. Or if they didn’t want to play, then the presenters encouraged them to sit and talk with the student.

“Kids do get lonely. I feel sorry for them. I think the Buddy Table will help,” explained Fifth Grader Tyler Park.