Unconfirmed Report About a Male Approaching Students

The District has received an unconfirmed report about a male approaching students and offering them a ride.

Letter to Parents (English)

Letter to Parents (Spanish)


Get Ready for the Residency Event

Hawthorn District 73 will hold its district-wide residency event on August 2, 3 and 7 at Middle School North, 201 Hawthorn Parkway in Vernon Hills.  For more information, please visit the news section of this site.

Students Aim to Include All

Hawthorn Elementary South School is well known for its many acts of kindness that help children feel included in activities, lunchtime chatter, and recess four square. But SAGES (Student Activity Group of Elementary South) went one step further and designated a ‘Buddy Table’ where students could sit at recess if they felt lonely, left out, or just needed a friend.

Recently, SAGES members visited every classroom and explained to students what the Buddy Table was and how students could get involved in making the school an even more inviting place than it already is.

They shared with their younger peers that the Buddy Table is a table where students can sit if…

  • You are new to our school
  • Your friends are playing a game you don’t want to play
  • Your friend isn’t here today
  • You are hurt and can’t play
  • You just want to make a new friend

SAGES explained how all students could get involved. If someone is sitting at the Buddy Table, they encouraged students in all grades to seek out the student and invite him or her to play in whatever game they were involved in on the playground. Or if they didn’t want to play, then the presenters encouraged them to sit and talk with the student.

“Kids do get lonely. I feel sorry for them. I think the Buddy Table will help,” explained Fifth Grader Tyler Park.

Most Improved Student Award

Twelve students received the David Yomtoob Most Improved Student Award during a Hawthorn District 73 Board of Education meeting.

Each year former Hawthorn superintendent Youssef Yomtoob, and his wife, Parichehr, recognize students whose essays were selected for expressing how they improved over a period of time in such areas as academics, social skills, and behavior.

The following students received the Most Improved Student Award for the 2016-2017 school year.

Second Grade
Diego Lopez – Aspen
Yareli Solache Cuenca – Dual Language
Yareli Bollas – Elementary North
Sathyendra Kumarasamy – Elementary South
Vira Balbus – Townline

Fifth Grade
Ashley Machorro – Aspen
Jocelyn Guadarrama – Dual Language
Felix Navarrete – Elementary North
Victor Camacho – Elementary South
Dylan Glazer – Townline

Eighth Grade
Michael Lee – Middle School North
Seo-Yeon Lee – Middle School South

IPA Recognition

On April 26, the Lake County Region Illinois Principals Association hosted its annual breakfast and recognition ceremony at Vernon Hills High School. Principals nominated students in their schools who have shown outstanding achievements in school and community.  They, along with their parents and the building administrators, have breakfast and then are recognized with a certificate from the IPA. Kayall Manivasagam and Josh Cahill of Elementary South were recognized.

Aspen Art Fair

Check out the annual District 73 Art Show at the Aspen Drive Library. Close to 400 student artists displayed unique forms of art during the art show. Click here to see the many artists and their artwork. Artwork is on display through Friday, April 7.

The art show represents all the schools strongest pieces including drawings, paintings, collages, paper sculptures, Papier-mâché and print-making.

“Strongest to me does not necessarily mean the ‘best’ but rather the students that take the greatest risks with their art or show the most growth during the rotation or from year to year, said Hawthorn Middle School North School Art Teacher Hannah Altshuler.


It’s All in the Mindset

At Elementary South the kindergarten and first grade classes enjoyed hearing a local author read his book about many important life lessons impacting students today.
Author Brian Gryn read from the Magic Zoo, which teaches children the benefits of having a positive attitude.
“At the younger grades we focus on students showing perseverance, and having confidence in themselves. Our life lessons to students are for them to always try their best, never give up and to be patient and kind to one another,” said Kindergarten Teacher Kelly Rude. 

Kindergarten Registration

Dear District 73 Families of Incoming Kindergarteners,

This is just a friendly reminder, Hawthorn School District 73 2017-2018 Kindergarten Registration will be held on Thursday, February 23 from 3:30 to 7:30 pm and Friday, February 24 from 9 am to 1 pm at Hawthorn Middle School South, 600 N. Aspen Drive, Vernon Hills. Children who turn 5 on or before Sept. 1 are eligible for kindergarten.

A parent or guardian must attend one of the days to begin the registration process by providing the following:

Original Certified Birth Certificate (hospital or baptismal certificates cannot be accepted)
Residency Verification documents (photo identification and 2 proofs of occupancy; please refer to the Hawthorn 73 website for additional information at http://www.hawthorn73.org/hawthorn-information/registration/
Completed Pre-Registration Student Information Sheet (if you did not turn this form in at the Parent Meeting)
Completed School of Dual Language interest form (if applicable)
ALSO, at this time you are welcome to turn in any legal documentation regarding child custody, orders of protection or other court-directed matters, etc.
To facilitate and expedite your registration process, please bring copies along with the original documents.

If you have questions, please contact the District Office at 847-990-4217 or visit the district website at http://www.hawthorn73.org/hawthorn-information/registration/

Estimadas Familias de Estudiantes que Entraran al Kínder en el Distrito #73

Solamente un breve recordatorio, las inscripciones pare el Kínder del Distrito Escolar Hawthorn 73 para el año escolar 2017-2018 se llevarán a cabo el jueves 23 de febrero a partir de 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm y el viernes, 24 de febrero de 9:00 am – 1:00 pm en la Middle School South, 600 N. Aspen Drive, Vernon Hills. Los niños que cumplen 5 años antes de o el 1 de septiembre son elegibles para el kinder.

Un padre o tutor debe asistir a uno de los Días de Inscripción de Kindergarten en persona para comenzar el proceso de inscripción proporcionando:

Acta de Nacimiento (los certificados de hospital o actas bautismales no serán aceptadas)
Verificación de Lugar de Domicilio (forma adjunta, la cual describe la documentación requerida, incluyendo identificación de una residencia dentro del distrito)
Hoja de Informaciópara Estudiante de Kindergarden (forma adjunta)
Hoja de interés para la Escuela de Lenguaje Dual (forma adjunta)
TAMBIEN, le invitamos a entregar docoumentación legal acerca de custodia, ordenes de protección u otras ordenes de la corte; etc.
Para facilitar el proceso de inscripción, por favor traiga copias junto con los documentos originales.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor, póngase en contacto con la oficina del distrito al 847-990-4217.

Holiday Cheer

Students from Elementary South and other area schools were invited to lunch and to shop with Vernon Hills and Lincolnshire police as part of the Cops and Kids program, which treats children to gifts during the holiday season. The Elementary South choir joined in the festivities with singing and staff like Principal Jill Martin escorted children to Walmart to shop.