Boundary Updates

At the October 27, 2014, Board of Education meeting Superintendent Nick Brown provided the Board of Education and community a revised boundary presentation based on the feedback given to the administrative team at the previous Board meeting on October 14, 2014.

Under the revised proposals existing families will be allowed to attend the same school. See the complete story here.

The Board of Education will review and discuss the new boundary concepts 2A and 3A again at the Board meeting at 7 p.m. November 10, 2014, in the district office, and review any changes made based on the discussion at the October 27 Board meeting.  Another item for discussion will be the issue of siblings at the elementary level.  The Board of Education is expected to make a final decision on school boundaries at a meeting in December.

SOAR Participates in Red Ribbon Race

Elementary South Takes Part in Unity Day

On Tuesday, October 21st, students and staff recognized Unity Day 2014.  Unity Day, the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month, has been recognized in the United States since 2011. To participate in Unity Day, individuals, schools, communities, and businesses wear or display orange to show support for students who have been bullied.

Since 2012 Elementary South has been participating in Unity Day by linking the “anti-bullying message” with our school-wide Bernstein Unit. This year, our unit on MAKING CONNECTIONS reminds us that the more we can connect with and build bonds with others, the stronger it makes us as a community. We want children to feel safe at our school, so it is important to have conversations with children about how they feel at school. Unity Day is another opportunity for the whole school to come together and UNITE AGAINST BULLYING.

Red Ribbon Week Activities


Halloween Festivities on Friday, October 31, 2014

Hawthorn Hustle – Pumpkin Chase Race 

Make sure your child has his/her gym shoes!

9:00-9:45 – 4th & 5th grade

9:45-10:15 – 1st grade

10:15-11:00 – 2nd & 3rd grade

10:30-11:00 – Kindergarten

Our Halloween Celebrations continue…

Bring costumes in a bag and we will change into costumes after lunch!
Remember, no weapons, even if it is part of your costume.
Please do not send any treats – PTO room parents will take care of it.

AM Kindergarten Parade – 9:00am

AM Kindergarten Party – 9:15-10:15am

ONLY HALF – DAY KDG wear costumes to school

PM Kindergarten, Full day Kindergarten and grades 1-5 Parade 1:15PM

Classroom Parties will follow the parades.**

Parents are welcome to watch the parades!!!

We will parade around the building.  (AM KDG Parade will be on our playground)


If you are NOT ABLE to see the parade, we are hoping to post parade videos on our website at

** ONLY PTO ROOM PARENTS will be allowed down to classrooms for the parties – please sign in at the table in the front hall.

If you do not celebrate Halloween, your child is welcome to join our art staff in the art room for NON – HALLOWEEN activities.

Pre-Order “Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Long Haul #9”

The release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Long Haul #9 is scheduled for November 4. Be one of the first to get your hands on this great book!  Click here to download the pre-order form. Complete the form return it to your school by October 29. Enclose a check made payable to Hawthorn PTO in the amount of $9.62 ($8.99 plus 7% tax) and a phone number on the check. The books will be shipped November 4 and handed to your students when they arrive at the school. What a way to start off the new school year and help support the schools!

Make It Orange and Make It End!

On Tuesday, October 21st, Elementary South will take part in Unity Day 2014, sponsored by Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center.  On that day students are encouraged to unite against bullying by wearing the color orange to school.  For more information about Unity Day click here.

Students will also be participating in several activities that day focusing on making connections and creating bonds.

The Numbers Game

At Hawthorn Elementary South School first graders are falling in love with the numbers game.

“Teachers understand that it is crucial for students to have a solid math foundation in order to have a deep understanding of the world around them,” said Principal Jill Martin.

Rather than memorize math facts children in the Hawthorn School District 73 first grade classrooms work toward critical mathematical thinking. For instance, teachers may engage the students in a barbecue problem like if your four grandparents, your parents and your brother and you have dinner together how many ears of corn do you need to buy at the grocery store?

“Students develop greater knowledge of numbers and equations within 10. They will develop new strategies for adding and subtracting numbers within 10, based on their knowledge of smaller numbers,” Dr. Martin said.

The earlier children are when they make math connections the easier it will be for them to make connections to real experiences as they get older,” she said.