Students honored

Students Recognized at IPA Breakfast

Congratulations to fifth-grade students Cate Pangilinan and Clayton Spraggs for being honored at the Illinois Principals Association breakfast last week.  Below are excerpts from the printed program:

Cate Pangilinan
When thinking of a well rounded student, Cate immediately comes to mind. Not only does Cate excel in academics, but she also participates in sports outside of school. She is an avid softball player, and balances school work with practice, games, and tournaments flawlessly. However, what I find to be most impressive, is the kindness she exhibits on a daily basis. Cate is always concerned with the way people are feeling. She continuously stands up for others and is always mindful of people’s feelings. Whenever faced with a challenge, Cate rises to the occasion. She perseveres and excels in everything she does. She is a wonderful leader, and all around student.

Clayton Spraggs
Clayton Spraggs is an outstanding leader. He leads by example and it is noticed amongst his peers at Elementary South. His work ethic is second to none. His hard work allows him to be successful in many aspects of his education. Clayton puts in the extra effort and it shows through his class work and his grades.  But more importantly he displays a drive to learn new things and he pushes himself to achieve the highest levels he can.  Clayton carries himself in a positive manner and always has a positive attitude that transfers to those around him.  He does the right thing even when no one is watching, and is willing to stick up for students who may need a friend they can count on.  His teachers look forward to seeing what Clayton will achieve in years to come.

Foundation logo

Key to 73 Education Foundation Wants Your Input

Please assist the Key to 73 Education Foundation choose an inaugural gift for each Hawthorn school.  The Key to 73 Education Foundation was established to raise private sector funds to support the goals of the District’s Strategic Plan. In its first year, the foundation would like to present each school with a gift to be used by all of the students. Please take a short survey to help select the option most valued by all for each school.

PTO Family Fun & Fitness Night Fundraiser

Come out & join us for a Fun Family Fitness Night at Townline Elementary School – Friday, April 20, 2018 @ 6:30 pm (doors open @ 6 pm).
100% of the proceeds from this event will go directly to the PTO! 

This event is open to all families & schools (k thru 8), the minimum age is 5 to participate. $10 per person (with advance registration), $15 at the door. $25 max per family. Please register through the PTO Store.

All those registered will be automatically entered into a FREE raffle to win a Leap Frog Epic Academy Edition Device.

Click here for more details


March 2018 SOAR Winners

Congratulations to all of our March SOAR (SAFE, ON TASK, ACT RESPONSIBLE, RESPECT) winners, who “Soared Above the Line” in academics or behavior this month.

Student Homeroom
Rob Mckenzie K  Avila
Aliannah K  Avila
Leah K  Dingman
Cataleya K  Dingman
Hasan K  Kroot
Nandita K  Kroot
Sanjana K  Schryver
Manas K  Schryver
Michael K  Silver
Hayden K  Silver
Brady 1 Bleck
Shira 1 Bleck
Alina 1 Brettner
Chloe 1 Brettner
Aarav 1 Brzezinski
Yaser 1 Brzezinski
Alexander 1 Faith
Srihan 1 Faith
Camila 1 Lawless
Yazan 1 Lawless
Lila 1 Wilton
Jaishanth 1 Wilton
Shourya 2 Hansen
Safiya 2 Hansen
Annette 2 Rude
Advik 2 Terchin
Elise 2 Terchin
Cristian 2 Wagner
Ayati 2 Wagner
Reid 2 Weinstein
Emily 2 Weinstein
Sebastian 2 Worden
Alexandra 2 Worden
Pia 3 Arenson
Maya 3 Arenson
Esha 3 Arenson
Tye 3 Preston
Isabella 3 Preston
Aditi 3 Reilly
Melanie 4 Alland
Ryan 4 Alland
Sandra 4 Dahm
Noah 4 Dahm
Anahya 4 Oliva
Tyler 4 Oliva
Emilee 4 Schorsch
Justin 4 Studer
Cathelin 4 Studer
Ocho 5 Brand
Varsha 5 Brand
Jackson 5 Preuss
Courtney 5 Preuss
Tyler 5 Sordini
Natalie 5 Trela
Emeal 5 Trela
flexible seating

Teacher Transforms Her Classroom

Over spring break, fourth-grade teacher Ms. Schorsch transformed her classroom at Elementary South from a room of regular desks and chairs to a room with stadium seats, rugs, hokki stools, stability discs and even a bean chair. Flexible seating encourages students to find their best spot to stay calm, focused and productive. Ms. Schorsch had posted a list of items she wanted for her classroom on All the items she requested were provided.

April 2018 Newsletter

Happy April, everyone!  This is an exciting time because we are beginning to plan for the next school year. We have already received many questions about placement.  Our staff will begin the class building process at the end of April or beginning of May for the 2018-2019 school year.  This is one of our most important tasks to prepare for the upcoming year.  Throughout this process, our goal is to place students in the best possible learning setting for them.  We will try to build classes that are balanced in terms of learning needs and styles, gender, emotional and social development, and academic achievement.

We welcome parent input in this process, as we recognize that parents know their children better than anyone else.  If you would like to offer insight, share your perspective, or express a need on behalf of your child, we invite you to write a letter.  Because it is very difficult to grant requests for specific teachers, we ask that your letter focus on your child’s learning style, significant learning experiences for him/her, and/or the type of teaching style to which your child responds best.  Please do not request a specific teacher.  

We ask that all letters be submitted no later than Friday, May 4, 2018.   We will use the information you provide, along with input from teachers, to place your child in a classroom that will best meet his or her needs.

This year, the registration process will continue to be on-line. Starting April 27th, you will receive a letter with parent portal access ID and password.  If you do not have computer access, the district office will have computers available for you to register your child.  ALL DISTRICT RESIDENCY EVENT – for all students will take place on Wed. Aug 1st,  Thur. Aug. 2nd, and Mon. Aug. 6th.  Watch for more information coming soon.  Please register online by May 18th so we can place your child in a classroom for next year.

Thank you again for your continued support.  As always, if you have any questions or input, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.  I can be reached at or (847) 990-4800.

All the best,




K-2 OPEN HOUSE - 4/24/18

7:00-7:30 KDG OPEN HOUSE
7:00-7:30 1st – PERFORMANCE
7:00-7:30: 2nd – OPEN HOUSE
7:30-8:00: 1st – OPEN HOUSE

3-5 OPEN HOUSE - 4/26/18

6:30-7:00: 3rd PERFORMANCE
7:00-7:30: 3rd/4th/5th OPEN HOUSE
7:30-8:00: 5th PERFORMANCE


Upcoming Events

4/3 – 4/20 PARCC Testing – Grades 3, 4, 5

4/13: Family Dance 6:00pm-7:30pm

4/17, 4/18: New session of SOAR running club begins 7:15am

4/17: Community Engagement Meeting – Elem South 7:00pm

4/18: 6th Grade Parent Orientation at Middle North parents only 6:00

4/19: 6th Grade Parent Orientation at Middle South parents only 6:00

4/19: Early Release – 12:10 Dismissal

4/20: PTO Family Fitness Night – Townline 6:30pm

4/20: Ice Cream Friday – bring $1.00

4/23: Earth Day – wear blue and green

4/24: K-2 Open House 7:00pm

4/25: 1st Grade Field Trip – Heller Nature Center

4/26: 3-5 Open House 6:30pm

4/27: 2nd Grade Field Trip – Marriott Lincolnshire

4/27: Birthday Bash for April Birthdays

4/30: Community Engagement Meeting – Middle North 7:00pm

Students building

How Can Buildings Withstand Earthquakes?

Elementary South fourth-graders in the classes of Mrs. Dahm, Mrs. Studer and Mrs. Oliva put themselves in the shoes of engineers today, as they explored different technologies that help buildings withstand earthquakes. Groups of students designed four-story buildings using cross bracing, mass damping and building shape. Each design was subjected to a test in which it had to withstand eight seconds of intense shaking.


It’s All About Kindness

All students at Elementary South participated in a creative project that promotes Growth Mindset themes. Each classroom created a flag reflecting kindness. The flags are displayed outside the doors of each classroom. Members of Students Taking Additional Responsibilities (STAR) judged the flags based on their visual impact, originality, kindness theme, class involvement and growth mindset quotes.

School Board

District 73 Schedules Community Engagement Meetings

The Hawthorn School District 73 Board of Education is inviting the public to a series of community engagement meetings to discuss how to resolve the District’s space challenges. Currently, District 73 is at capacity and it is growing.

The six meetings will include presentations by the Board of Education and opportunities for community members to provide their feedback and advice. The first two meetings will focus on prioritizing solutions. The April 30 meeting will be a working meeting. The later meetings will focus on communicating solutions. The meetings will take place at 7:00 p.m. at the following dates and locations:

  • Thursday, April 5, Elementary North, 301 Hawthorn Parkway in Vernon Hills
  • Tuesday, April 17, Elementary South, 430 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills
  • Monday, April 30, Middle School North, 201 Hawthorn Parkway in Vernon Hills
  • Thursday, May 10, Aspen Elementary, 500 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills (this meeting is tentative)
  • Monday, May 21, Middle School South, 600 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills
  • Wednesday, May 30, Townline Elementary, 810 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills

Spanish translators will be present. Childcare will be provided on April 5, May 21 and May 30. If you need childcare, please register at least one week prior to the date of the meeting you wish to attend. Send an email with the number of children attending to:

Hawthorn School District 73 is a preschool through eighth-grade public school district serving approximately 4,300 students. It serves the communities of Vernon Hills, Mundelein, Libertyville, Indian Creek and unincorporated areas of Lake County, Illinois.

February 2018 SOAR Winners

Congratulations to all of our February SOAR (SAFE, ON TASK, ACT RESPONSIBLE, RESPECT) winners, who “Soared Above the Line” in academics or behavior this month.

First Name

Homeroom Teacher

Sathvik Avila
Sara Avila
Maleah Dingman
Anthony Dingman
Kayla Schryver
Parker Schryver
Alexander Silver
Sasha Silver
Sophia 1 Bleck
Sri Sai Ashwin 1 Brettner
Harika 1 Brettner
Harshini 1 Brzezinski
Zoey 1 Brzezinski
Alyson 1 Faith
Sanvi 1 Faith
Atharv 1 Lawless
Nathan 1 Lawless
Rachel 1 Wilton
Patrick 1 Wilton
Ella 2 Hansen
Shreyash 2 Hansen
Eric 2 Rude
Ted 2 Terchin
Brayden 2 Terchin
Alex 2 Terchin
Dhekshitha 2 Wagner
Parth 2 Wagner
Ben 2 Weinstein
Carolynn 2 Worden
Chris 2 Worden
Nora 3 Arenson
Yash 3 Arenson
Vedant 3 Arenson
Nitya 3 Donoghue
Lucy 3 Preston
Ryan 3 Preston
Joshua 3 Reilly
Neeti 3 Rude
Paige 4 Alland
Hunter 4 Dahm
Angie 4 Dahm
Lilly 4 Oliva
Giorgi 4 Oliva
Abel 4 Schorsch
Ari 4 Studer
Marius 4 Studer
Nolan 5 Alland
Riley 5 Brand
Mireya 5 Brand
Ryleigh 5 Carlson
Maya 5 Preuss
September 5 Preuss
Emma 5 Sordini
Carlos 5 Trela
Caleb 5 Trela