ES Staff students and Cops

Kids & Cops

The third annual Cops with Kids event on Dec. 1 was a great success. Fifty local youths were treated to lunch and a visit with Santa. They then were bused to the Vernon Hills Walmart where each went on a $100 shopping spree, courtesy of a grant from the Walmart Foundation.

students roller skating

It’s a Balancing Act

The roller skating unit has begun at Elementary South. After putting on their skates and safety equipment, first graders slowly began to test and build their skating skills. Whenever they fell, they got right up and tried again. In a few days, they will be sailing around the gym.

Students drawing

Nutcrackers, Sweet!

Second-grade students in Ms. Dimond’s class at Elementary South drew some awesome nutcrackers on Monday.

Students playing instruments

Time for a Little Holiday Music

With the holidays rapidly approaching, second-grade students learned to play a holiday tune in Ms. Yeo’s music class.




December Newsletter

Download the December newsletter below.

Download the December Newsletter



SOAR winners

November Soaring Eagles

Congratulations to our November SOARING EAGLES!  They SOAR above the line and make us proud.

First_Name Last_Name Reason Homeroom
Elizabeth R. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Schorsch
Jared F. On Task Behavior Mrs. Schorsch
Colton A. Acting Responsibly Ms. Reilly
Jasmine Y. On Task Behavior Ms. Reilly
Jahnavi M. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Silver
Nikitaa K. On Task Behavior Mrs. Silver
Caden S. On Task Behavior Mrs. Oliva
Ryley B. On Task Behavior Ms. Trela
Justice M. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Oliva
Angie S. On Task Behavior Ms. Trela
Jillian L. Being Respectful Ms. Trela
Eva J. Being Respectful Mrs. Rude
Alina K. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Rude
Yoav W. On Task Behavior Ms. Dingman & Ms. SeLander
Anousha U. Being Respectful Ms. Dingman & Ms. SeLander
Likhit M. Being Respectful Mrs. Sordini
Hansuja Y. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Sordini
Moksha P. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Wagner
Sofia D. On Task Behavior Miss Alland
Rupesh A. Being Respectful Mrs. Wagner
Noah C. Acting Responsibly Miss Alland
Anvay V. On Task Behavior Ms. Bleck
Stefania H. On Task Behavior Ms. Bleck
Hanika M. On Task Behavior Miss Brzezinski
Siddharth B. Being Respectful Miss Brzezinski
Jadelyn M. On Task Behavior Mrs.Faith
Aarush H. Being Respectful Mrs. Faith
Reyanshi A. Being Respectful Mrs. Shannon
Rachel W. Being Respectful Mrs. Dimond
Lila B. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Dimond
Aarav A. Being Respectful Mrs. Shannon
Olivia W. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Studer
Ethan P. Being Respectful Mrs. Studer
Ronny G. Being Respectful Ms. Preuss
Kelsey M. Acting Responsibly Ms. Preuss
Sanjay M. Being Respectful Mrs. Preston
Alex W. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Preston
Audrey K. On Task Behavior Mrs. Dahm
Zachary N. Being Respectful Mrs. Dahm
Jasmika S. Being Respectful Mrs. Hansen
Debasish B. Being Respectful Mrs. Hansen
Anya D. Being Respectful Miss Avila
Akshara S. Being Respectful Miss Avila
Toshan M. On Task Behavior Miss Avila
Reina H. Being Respectful Ms. Brand
Chris J. Being Respectful Ms. Brand
Alexys N. Being Respectful Mrs. Rayl
Sophie P. On Task Behavior Mrs. Wilton
Thomas M. Being Respectful Mrs. Wilton
Manjari K. On Task Behavior Ms. Apgar
Brandon R. On Task Behavior Ms. Apgar
Stephanie M. Being Respectful Ms. Kroot
Ayushman P. Being Respectful Ms. Kroot
Delilah N. Acting Responsibly Miss Reilly
Sebastian C. On Task Behavior Miss Reilly
Kian S. Being Respectful Mrs. Worden
Lilly P. On Task Behavior Mrs. Worden
Alan F. Acting Responsibly Miss Donoghue
Evan P. Being Respectful Miss Donoghue
Alyson E. Being Respectful Miss Donoghue
Kayla H. On Task Behavior Mrs. Lawless
Atharv H. Acting Responsibly Mrs. Lawless

Vernon Hill’s Chamber Choir

Thank you, Vernon Hills Chamber Choir for singing for us.  You sure know how to spread the holiday cheer.

Happy birthday candles

November Birthday Bash

November Birthday Bash – Happy Birthday to all the November Birthdays.

Students Adding Costs

How Much Does a Thanksgiving Dinner Cost?

Ms. Dahm at Elementary South used Thanksgiving as a way to develop her students’ math skills. The fourth-grade students reviewed grocery advertisements to select what they would be including in their Thanksgiving dinners. They had fun putting together lists of food items and adding up the costs based on the number of guests attending their dinners.


Stack of Books

“All For Books” Program Winners

Elementary South raised $2,091.86 during its “All For Books” collection this past week! The money will go directly to our teachers to purchase books for their classrooms. Scholastic also matches the funds raised by each participating school with a donation of books from The Scholastic Possible Fund, which distributes books to children through various not-for-profit organizations.

The overall winning classroom is Mrs. Bleck’s class. They raised $182.34! The class will receive a party and each student will receive a free book at the winter fair.
The winning classrooms for each grade are:
  • Kindergarten – Ms. Dingman
  • 1st – Mrs. Bleck
  • 2nd – Mrs. Dimond
  • 3rd – Mrs. Arenson
  • 4th – Mrs. Studer
  • 5th – Ms. Worden