Students dancing and playing with their families.

Family Dance is a Blast

Students and their families had a blast at the Elementary South Family Dance on April 12.

students with their birds' nests

Building a Bird’s Nest

Kindergarten students in Ms. Silver’s class at Elementary South learned all about robins today. They went outside to collect material such as twigs, soil and grass. They learned many facts about robins, such as that they migrate, they eat worms and insects and their babies take 12 to 14 days to hatch. Then it was time for some hands-on activity. Ms. Silver helped her students build their own bowl-shaped nests. First came the twigs, then the soil. They carefully added a layer of grass to provide insulation and a soft environment for the eggs. They used drawings of eggs to complete their nests.

March Soar Winners

March Soaring Eagle Winners

Congratulations to the March Soaring Eagle winners at Elementary South.

PraneshS.Ms. AvilaOn Task Behavior0
Vedanshi N.Ms. AvilaOn Task Behavior0
AdhvikV.Mrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
JacobH.Ms. Dingman & Ms. SeLanderBeing Respectful0
NikoletaB.Ms. ApgarOn Task Behavior0
AnjaliM.Ms. ApgarActing Responsibly0
Vanessa A.Mrs. Faith Safe Behavior1
VinnieM.Mrs. Faith On Task Behavior1
Aliannah M.Miss Brzezinski Being Respectful1
Sanjana G.Miss Brzezinski Safe Behavior1
SaraC.Mrs. LawlessActing Responsibly1
SameeraS.Mrs. LawlessActing Responsibly1
ElizabethD.Miss BleckActing Responsibly1
SathvikaM.Miss BleckOn Task Behavior1
Hasan A.Mrs. WiltonOn Task Behavior1
SnikkitaS.Mrs. WiltonBeing Respectful1
AaravA.Mrs. RudeOn Task Behavior2
Shreya P.Mrs. RudeOn Task Behavior2
Claire N.Mrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
SarahK.Mrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
RishavG.Mrs. HendersActing Responsibly2
NathanN.Mrs. WagnerOn Task Behavior2
Veronica S.Mrs. WagnerBeing Respectful2
Jaishanth SaiI.Mrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
JahmalT.Mrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
EthanC.Mrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
KikeonK.Mrs. DimondActing Responsibly2
CharlieS.Mrs. ArensonOn Task Behavior3
LaneyW.Miss ReillyBeing Respectful3
MasonA.Miss ReillyOn Task Behavior3
ShreyaS.Miss KrootOn Task Behavior3
ArmandoS.Miss KrootActing Responsibly3
LiamB.Mrs. ArensonSafe Behavior3
Abby B.Mrs. Brettner On Task Behavior3
Talia R.Mrs. Brettner Being Respectful3
JasonK.Mrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
ZachL.Mrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
SofiaG.Mrs. DahmBeing Respectful4
KrishanthV.Mrs. DahmActing Responsibly4
JacksonH.SchorschBeing Respectful4
TyeK.SchorschActing Responsibly4
SiennaS.Mrs. OlivaActing Responsibly4
MorganS.Mrs. OlivaBeing Respectful4
IshanviD.Mrs. StuderOn Task Behavior4
YashR.Mrs. StuderBeing Respectful4
MyaT.Mrs. MinarikBeing Respectful4
EvansX.Mrs. MinarikActing Responsibly4
Johanna M.Sordini Safe Behavior5
LikhitM.Sordini On Task Behavior5
TessaD.Ms. TrelaBeing Respectful5
CamilaS.Ms. TrelaBeing Respectful5
Kaviya R.Ms. PreussActing Responsibly5
MichaelD.Ms. PreussBeing Respectful5
JasonY.Ms. BrandActing Responsibly5
MargaretH.Ms. Brand Acting Responsibly5
MariusG.Mrs. WordenActing Responsibly5
MadisonE.Mrs. WordenActing Responsibly5

Wax Museum Presentation

Wax Museum Comes to Life

Where can you find Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, the Dalai Lama and Dolly Parton all under one roof? At Elementary South’s Wax Museum. Third graders in the classes of Mrs. Preston and Ms. Reilly dressed up as famous people. With the push of a button, they talked about the life of the person they represented. Parents, family members and students in other classrooms toured through the museum, learning all kinds of facts and information about some of the world’s most famous figures.

students in wheelchairs

Capes are Flying at Elementary South

Last Friday, Elementary South students continued with activities to help them have a better understanding of what it is like for students with disabilities. They all wore their capes in celebration of the final day of Cape-abilities Over Disabilities Week. Many thanks to SRACLC as well as Synergy Adaptive Athletics for helping out with the events.

Students involved in activities

Cape-Abilities Over Disabilities Week

Seventh and eighth grade Teens Reaching Youth (TRY) students had a blast dressing up like superheroes and running activities at Elementary South on Wednesday 3/13 and Thursday 3/14 for their Cape-abilities over Disabilities event. The purpose of the activities were to raise awareness and help kids understand what it is like to live with different disabilities (i.e., hearing impairment, vision impairment, learning disability, intellectual disability, physical disability, and autism). We love to see students embracing learning differences! 

Children reading to parents

Young Authors Share Their Stories

Students created pages of their own books in Mrs. Faith’s first grade class at Elementary South. On March 15, the class held a book party in which students read their own books to their parents. The children were so excited to read their stories to their parents.

SOAR winners

SOAR Winners

These Elementary South students SOARed above the line in February.

A.NitinMrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
A.ReinaMrs. RudeActing Responsibly2
A.RimshaMrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
A.AashviAvilaOn Task Behavior0
A.DereckSilverOn Task Behavior0
B.YashasviMrs. MinarikBeing Respectful4
B.PriscillaMrs. WiltonOn Task Behavior1
B.Shrinaina Mrs. WagnerBeing Respectful2
C.AnayMs. BleckActing Responsibly1
D.HarikaMiss Donoghue Acting Responsibly2
D.TessaMs. TrelaOn Task Behavior5
D.LoganMrs. OlivaOn Task Behavior4
F.Ayrah Ms. ApgarActing Responsibly0
F.NatalieMs. Dingman & Ms. SeLanderOn Task Behavior0
G.EmmanuelMs. TrelaBeing Respectful5
G.KarthikMs. Brand Being Respectful5
I.PratiAvilaActing Responsibly0
J.DaiwikSilverOn Task Behavior0
J.JordanAvilaOn Task Behavior0
J.DannyMrs. HendersOn Task Behavior2
J.YoonwooSchorschActing Responsibly4
J.AhaanMrs. RaylBeing Respectful3
K.KaitlinMs. KrootBeing Respectful3
K.AnthonyMiss Brzezinski Safe Behavior1
K.NakulMrs. PrestonActing Responsibly3
K.JaiMrs. StuderActing Responsibly4
K.AayushMs. Dingman & Ms. SeLanderBeing Respectful0
L.Ching-ChingMrs. WagnerOn Task Behavior2
L.JoshuaMrs. HendersActing Responsibly2
L.TamaraMs. Brand Acting Responsibly5
M.Gayatri Ms. PreussBeing Respectful5
M.Gavin Mrs. ArensonOn Task Behavior3
M.HaileyMiss Donoghue On Task Behavior2
M.SophieMrs. OlivaActing Responsibly4
M.ShreshtaMrs. HansenBeing Respectful2
M.HemaMrs. WordenActing Responsibly5
O.AyatiMrs. PrestonActing Responsibly3
P.RishaanMrs. WiltonBeing Respectful1
P.ParkerMrs. DimondBeing Respectful2
P.StephanMrs. DahmActing Responsibly4
P.Siri Mrs. Brettner On Task Behavior3
R.KyrillMrs. Faith Acting Responsibly1
R.GraceMrs. MinarikBeing Respectful4
R.VedantSchorschActing Responsibly4
R.KaushikaMrs. DahmBeing Respectful4
R.AnikaMrs. Faith Being Respectful1
R.CamilaMrs. LawlessBeing Respectful1
R.AnixisMrs. LawlessActing Responsibly1
R.NicholasMiss Reilly Acting Responsibly3
S.KupalinaMrs. ArensonBeing Respectful3
S.LauriMrs. HendersBeing Respectful2
S.AnshMs. BleckBeing Respectful1
S.YashMs. KrootActing Responsibly3
S.Alisha Miss ReillyOn Task Behavior3
S.WilliamMrs. ShannonBeing Respectful0
U.ZoeMrs. RaylOn Task Behavior3
U.Sammy Mrs. Brettner Being Respectful3
V.SaanviMrs. StuderBeing Respectful4
V.AidanMs. PreussBeing Respectful5
W.AudreyMiss BrzezinskiActing Responsibly1
Y.Seung YunMrs. WordenOn Task Behavior5
Z.ChenyuMrs. RudeSafe Behavior2
Students engaged in activities

Embracing Learning Differences

Classrooms at Elementary South are doing all sorts of fun activities in connection with Cape-Abilities Over Disabilities Week, March 11-15, which underscores the school’s embrace of learning differences. On Wednesday, Ms. Lawless’ class played games, Mrs. Reilly’s class wore their capes, and students in Ms. Krysa’s art class made logos to place on their capes.

Climbing Unit Tests Students’ Skills

The P.E. Climbing Unit is in full swing at Elementary South. On Wednesday afternoon, kindergarten and first grade students tested their skills in balancing and climbing. The activities helped develop coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Safety mats, P.E. teachers and volunteers were all there to keep the students safe and ensure they had great fun as they met each challenge.