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School Board Clip Art

Hawthorn Hosts an Evening with the Board

Hawthorn School District 73 is inviting the community to attend an Evening with the Board on Wednesday, February 21, at 7:00 p.m. at Hawthorn Middle School South, 600 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills, IL. The event will focus on how to solve the District’s present and future space needs.  The event will include a presentation and an opportunity for community members to provide their feedback and advice to the Board of Education.

The school district is growing. Over the next 10 years, it is projected to welcome approximately 700 more students. By 2026, its enrollment will reach more than 5,000 students, representing a more than 30 percent increase since 2008.  Hawthorn’s facilities have either been at capacity or above capacity for the past six years. Administrators have made numerous adaptations to manage space, including adding a portable containing two classrooms at Elementary South, and conducting gym in the cafeteria and hallways of the middle schools.

Childcare will be provided.  Spanish translators will be present. If you need childcare, please register by February 19. Send an email to:


Kindness Challenge Kicks off at Elementary South

Members of STAR (Students Taking Additional Responsibilities) kicked off Elementary South’s Kindness Challenge week by greeting students with banners and encouraging them to be kind to others.


Kindergarten Students Learn About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Silver’s classroom are learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by reading non-fiction books and poems about this influential leader of the civil rights movement. Students are creating many thought-provoking projects requiring them to imagine what it would be like to live at the time of racial injustice. After listening to Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, students are reflecting on it and writing about their own “dream” for the world.

December 2017 SOAR Winners

Congratulations to all of our December SOAR (SAFE, ON TASK, ACT RESPONSIBLE, RESPECT) winners, who “Soared Above the Line” in academics or behavior this month.

Last Name First Name Homeroom
Adams Anastasia 1 Lawless
Ahluwalia Harman 1 Brettner
Alvarado Luis 4 Schorsch
Andersen Emma 5 Trela
Arstan Altai 1 Faith
Bendersky Sofia Schryver
Breske Jherek 4 Alland
Brockway Connor 4 Studer
Castrejon Angel 5 Preuss
Chaudhari Tejal 4 Schorsch
Chigurupati Anay Avila
Corral Gianna 1 Wilton
Daoud Dahlia Kroot
Davis Tripp 4 Oliva
Denneny Amiya 3 Arenson
Devaraja Sai Ujval 5 Brand
Dinets Elizabeth Avila
Dunford Kayleigh 2 Terchin
Eric Alayna 4 Alland
Franco Julio 3 Donoghue
Fuldeore Riya Dingman
Fuldeore Rohan Schryver
Giri Darsh 2 Wagner
Graf Granderson 5 Trela
Haslinger Lukas 2 Rude
Howard Avari 3 Donoghue
Hurtado-Larsen Stefania Schryver
Karthik Koushik 2 Hansen
Kholine Gregory 3 Reilly
Kolbe Kyler 1 Brettner
Lam Kei-Kei 1 Faith
Lawrence Madde 4 Studer
Loiben Zachary 2 Terchin
Mantena Sathvika Silver
McKenny Isaiah 4 Dahm
Metharamitta Nitika 2 Rude
Narasimhan Advaith 1 Wilton
Noorani Sabrina 4 Dahm
Norton Claire 1 Brzezinski
Noyes Addyson 3 Reilly
Ordaz Noelani 1 Lawless
Pangilinan Cate 5 Sordini
Rudenko Anna 4 Alland
Salomov Samir 1 Brzezinski
Schenk Charlie 2 Weinstein
Shah Charvi 2 Hansen
Sheridan Elsie 3 Preston
Srikanth Manisha 3 Arenson
St. Louis Sheridan 2 Wagner
Streb Genevieve 5 Preuss
Valluri Anvay Dingman
Vedika Vellat Silver
Viray Caily 2 Weinstein
Vyas Ishani 4 Oliva
Wakefield Izzy 5 Brand
Xie Jayden Kroot

January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  As we move into 2018, I wish you all good health, joy, and a school year filled with academic and social growth!  It is an exciting time here at Elementary South this month.  Friday, we will celebrate READ 2018.  Everyone is invited to snuggle up in his or her pajamas and drop everything and read for 2018 seconds.  Thank you to the PTO who will be providing cookies for our event!

As we move into the new year, STAR team (Students taking additional responsibilities) have planned a WALKING IN A WINTER WONDER HALLWAY Contest.  You or your class can earn snowflakes for showing above the line behavior in our hallways.  This is especially important in the upcoming weeks because winter testing season is upon us. Kindergarten and first grade students will be given the AIMSWEB benchmark assessment in order to monitor their progress.  Many students will participate in ACCESS testing and we are preparing for the MAP assessments, as well.  We will do our very best to prepare students for the testing without putting added stress or pressure on them.  Our philosophy continues to be, if we continue to teach the Hawthorn Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, the students will be prepared and will make academic growth.  Nothing extra needs to be done to prepare for testing.

Thank you again for your continued support.  As always, if you have any questions or input, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.  I can be reached at or (847) 990-4800.

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2017!

All the best,




Winter Is Here!

Please remember that if the temperature is above 10 degrees (including wind chill), we do go outside for recess.  Please make sure your child has appropriate SNOW GEAR if he/she wants to play in the snow and is bundled up for the cold.

Also, with the cold weather, please allow a few extra minutes for drop off and pick up.  Thank you for your patience.

As a Reminder . . . 

If your child received any GREAT NEW ELECTRONICS or toys for the holidays, please keep them safely at home.

Upcoming Events…

Jan 8 – School Resumes – Happy New Year!

Jan 9 – December Soaring Eagle Breakfast in café

Jan 9 – Jump Rope for Heart Assembly

Jan 9 – PTO Meeting at District Office @ 7:00pm

Jan 11 – 4th/5th Grade Spelling Bee

Jan 12 – Ice Cream Friday – bring $1.00

Jan 12– READ 2018 – Pajama Day/READ for 2018 seconds

Jan 15 – No School – Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Jan 17 – 4th/5th Grade Band Concert at Aspen @7:00pm

Jan 18 – 4th/5th Grade Orchestra Concert at Aspen @ 7:00

Jan 19 – Hawthorn Blue and Gold Spirit Day

Jan 22 – BOE Meeting at District Office at 7:00pm

Jan 25 – Early Release @ 12:10pm

Jan 26 – Birthday Bash-January and July Birthdays in café @ 8:50am

Jan 30 – Midterm Reports go home

Roller Skating

Kids Are on a Roll

First-graders at Elementary South are beginning to get comfortable with their roller skates as they enter the second week of their roller skating unit. P.E. teachers say they have made vast improvements over last week.

November 2017 SOAR Winners

Congratulations to all of our November SOAR (SAFE, ON TASK, ACT RESPONSIBLE, RESPECT) winners, who “Soared Above the Line” in academics or behavior this month.

Last Name First Name HomeRoom
Bernheim Megan 4 Dahm
Bharathimohan Kanishka 2 Terchin
Brockway Meghan 5 Preuss
Choudhury Aarushi 5 Trela
Chua Jaydon 4 Studer
Davis Brielle 2 Terchin
De Aquino Luis 1 Brettner
Diaz Tinoco Leslie 4 Dahm
Fernandez Kevin 1 Brzezinski
Gong Nathan 1 Lawless
Habtesion Sina Dingman
Hachate Abhinav 1 Faith
Halkarni Sai Dingman
Hamann Chase 3 Arenson
Hattalli Atharv Schryver
Herman Frankie 1 Wilton
Herman Charlie 2 Worden
Hwang Abby 1 Faith
Hwang Joseph 5 Brand
Jacobsohn Morgan 5 Preuss
John Eva 1 Lawless
Jung Sarah 3 Reilly
Karthik Chinmayi 3 Donoghue
Karthik Abhinav 3 Preston
Kim Kijeon 2 Hansen
Koepke Joshua 2 Weinstein
Kwiecinski Jason 3 Reilly
Kwon Matthew Avila
Lamberti Tommy 5 Carlson
Lee Stephanie 1 Wilton
Leuck Jillian 4 Oliva
Levitan Jake 4 Alland
Levy Kayla 1 Bleck
Lopez Tamara 4 Schorsch
Manasavi Pinge 2 Rude
Mathers Xavier 5 Sordini
Medrano Stephanie 2 Hansen
Miller Robert 4 Oliva
Norton Emma 4 Alland
Parekh Aarav 1 Bleck
Park Alex Kroot
Park Yoosol Schryver
Park Abby Silver
Ramanathan Joseph 1 Brzezinski
Rubenstein Sam 2 Rude
Saini Anshuman 5 Trela
Schenk Presley 2 Wagner
Schifrin Leo 4 Schorsch
Seaver Aiden 2 Wagner
Serrano Rubi 4 Studer
Shapovalova Antonika Avila
Sheth Aashna Kroot
So Kian 4 Schorsch
Stollings Mia 2 Weinstein
Szmytka Veronica 1 Brettner
Thomas Abigail 5 Brand
Verma Ojaswi 3 Arenson
Vibhuti Saanvi 3 Rayl
Wakefield Audrey Silver
Williams Olivia 3 Preston
Zhang Daniel 3 Donoghue


December 2017 Newsletter

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  As we move into the holiday season, it reminds us all how fortunate we are to have such a caring community.  I want to thank you all for attending parent-teacher conferences, as well as three hundred and fifty visitors to the building during our National Education Week visitation.  We appreciate all you do to support children at home, and we thank you for joining our partnership in “Inspire all students to embrace learning in a ever-changing world.”

This year our Bernstein Unit is focused on Growth Mindset and the understanding that I may not be able to do it, YET, but with hard work and dedication, I can get there.   On Dec 21st, the whole school will watch Finding Nemo and/or Finding Dori.  These two movies remind us to “just keep swimming” to reach our goals.  We will have classroom discussions on Growth Mindset and make connections to the movie.  Nemo is rated G and Dory is rated PG and we were planning to give children choice as to which movie they view so if you do not want your child to watch the movie, please contact your child’s teacher.  An alternate activity will be planned for those who do not wish to have their child participate.

November also brought out our Art Adventure volunteers and we had a wonderfully successful Book Fair. Thanks to all the parents who volunteered for both activities.  As always, we are working hard to improve our reading, writing and math skills!

Now that December has arrived, please remember that if it is above 10 degrees including wind chill, we will be going outside.  Please have your child dress for the fresh, crisp air.

Thank you again for your continued support.  As always, if you have any questions or input, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.  I can be reached at or (847) 990-4800.

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season!

All the best,





Coming soon…

Dec 6 – Trimester Report Cards go home

Dec 8 – Hawthorn Blue and Gold Spirit Day

Dec 8 – Roller Skating begins in PE for grades 1-5

Dec 13 – Early Release at 12:10

Dec 21 – Birthday Bash for December Birthdays

Dec 21 – Slipper Day  – bring your favorite slippers to wear

Dec 21 – Finding Nemo/Dory Movie Day – Growth Mindset Movie

Dec 22 – Jan 7 Winter Break – school resumes Jan 8.  Happy New Year!

Jan 9 – Soaring Eagle Awards breakfast

Jan 9 – Winter Map Testing begins and winter benchmarking for AIMSweb

Jan 12 – READ 2018– Pajama Day and we will all read for 2018 seconds

November Birthday Bash

Students with birthdays during the month of November celebrated in the cafeteria with Dr. Martin at the Birthday Bash on November 17th.

door decoration

Growth Mindset Decorations Enliven the Hallways

When parents arrive for parent-teacher conferences, they will see hallways filled with decorations. To keep the growth mindset alive at Elementary South, the school held a door decoration contest. Students researched growth mindset quotes and created door decorations using the quotation themes.  STAR Team members judged the decorations.